Falcon's Feathers pt 1



         Jonathan Hall was being chased for no apparent reason.   As he was running at that moment, Jonathan Hall knew no prayers left because whatever was chasing him will be closer and he’ll and up into a corpse in the ground. Then out of nowhere, something tackled him.  The beast then turned Hall over and then Hall saw its face for the first time and gasped.  It was the last sound that came out of Jonathan Hall FOREVER


            Sara Langer is and will always be the kind of person you’ll find clowning around with her friends or being the most  confident person in the world by standing for what she loves but on October 8, 2004, she was freaking out like a manic.

            “Is Gibbs going to tell us the news or not? We have been waiting here for Hours.” She asked to agent Caitlin (Kate) Todd and Agent Anthony (Tony) Dinozzo.       

           They knew the young 23 Year old was freaking out but they couldn’t do anything they could do. Gibbs wasn’t here yet so they decided to wait it out.

           Sara Langer is a smart and calm agent but it was rarely when you saw her disconcerted like she was right now. With her Long Golden hair and Ocean blue eyes, you would think she was the kind of person who was superficial and annoying, but she was the complete opposite as the three other agents would know from two years of working with the young agent. But minus the attractive features that she had, the girl would still be amazingly extraordinary because she had the power to read minds and to see into the future. It may sound peculiar but it helped them solve hundreds of cases with those powers. 

           “Look Sara, calm down. Gibbs will be here in a few minutes.”  Agent Dinozzo said

          If it were any other person, she would have bitten the person’s head but since Dinozzo was Langer’s Boyfriend (Though they never showed it in public), he wasn’t shouted at like it was Caitlin or even Gibbs for that matter even though she’ll pay that price.

        “Thanks, Tony. But you’re not the psychic and I say he’ll be here in 3, 2, 1”

         And exactly like clockwork, Gibbs came into the Office with his usual cup of coffee and the look of anger on his face. The team then went their desk and waited for Gibb’s usual words of their Location of a Marine, Navy or Air force officer’s Dead Body. But Gibbs had something else to tell them.

        “Listen Up, because this is important. Director Bitterman had assigned a Probie to watch over him while he learns the tricks     of the trade” Gibbs articulated to his muddled group of agents

             “Ok, when he is coming in?” Langer Inquired.

             “In a Few Minutes, But In the meanwhile, we got a Body in Narrow Lakes Park in Northern Virginia, so suit up.”

         Those words were the only Ones that got those agents up and moving.  People always wondered if these agents got tired of their jobs, they all had different reasons but the answer was always the same, No. It was the sense of pride they got from their jobs that helped them. While waiting for the new agent, the three younger agents began to talk about their lives. Langer always knew what they had to say before saying it so it was much easier to understand the other person’s point of view. The only thing that she hated was having the other person thoughts in earshot even they tried to because she hated invading other people’s privacy but it was useful for the team so she never made so much fuss about it expect when she felt she was going overboard.

    When the new guy finally came after Three minutes, they were surprised by his looks. He looked like the kind of person that would be in a computer job not the job that Langer, Dinozzo, Todd, & Gibbs had to work. He had a kind of pudgy face with Emerald green Eyes and Very Light Auburn hair. He looked very awkward because Sara knew the feeling she had from her first day.

   “Welcome, your name is?”

    “McGee, Agent Gibbs”

And up went Dinozzo, Langer, and Todd to shake McGee’s Hand. Sara knew he was going to listen for two reasons. 1 (He probably didn’t want to get yelled at by Gibbs and 2(He wanted to actually be an NCIS agent.

  “So what made you decide to be an NCIS agent, McGee? “ Dinozzo asked.

    “The work it does and the ability to work in DC.” McGee replied

“You guys, you do realize we have a body in narrow lakes park, so we have to go NOW.” Gibbs said his usual livid voice.

  The team then rushed to the elevator, knowing that Gibbs will be pissed if they didn’t hurry. 

  “Here McGee, you’ll need this.” Langer said handing him a spare gun and his jacket.

   “Thanks.” He said nervousness in his voice

            When they got to the car, they had no idea how the five of them were going fit if only three fit in the front and one of them always rode in the back.

    “One of us could with Ducky and Gerald and the rest of us go in the car.” Kate suggested and the others agreed to the arrangements.  Kate would ride with Ducky and Dinozzo would ride the back of the other van.

   “Hey Dinozzo, are you comfortable back there?” asked Gibbs as he put the car into drive.

  “Yeah boss, why?” he asked concerned

 “Cause this is going to hurt a lot” He said when he turned the car and Dinozzo fell on his back hard.

 Langer, McGee, and Gibbs started laughing while Dinozzo got up and looked at them with anger.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks a lot you guys.”

    “McGee, you’ll have a good time working here.” Langer said smiling favorably at him.


Elton4562   Elton4562 wrote
on 10/16/2011 5:53:23 PM
Hally, Don't let that low rating bother you. You did just fine. We all get things like that from time to time. I just deleted a poem and reposted it because of a smart-mouth comment by a reader. A low rating without an accompanying explanation is basically the work of a coward. Elton

Hally123   Hally123 wrote
on 10/8/2011 10:01:46 PM
Look, i'm a 13 year old writing so don't be too harsh about most things Thank You

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oh sheesh y'all twas a dream !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sara langer is your ordinary girl but with her extraordinary powers she'll have to solve a case with a dead Marine and be able not crash down on the way of solving one of the most voilent crimes in the history of NCIs
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