The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift

Act 1

Narrator:                    It is Christmas Eve in a relatively large town called Richland, a family with 3 children spent the evening attending the local tree lighting ceremony at the town square. They are the Rosenthall family who own 5 Penera Bread and  1 Pinkberry Yogurt franchises in CA.  The children are well known in their community and attend the public schools.  The Rosenthall children, Samantha 10, Joshua 12, and Zoe 6, have just returned home to prepare for bed while Mr.  and Mrs.  Rosenthall have been tweaking the tree trimmings just in time for the big arrival.  Let’s look in on them to see what is going on…

Mr. Rosenthall:                Honey, do you think the children will be surprised at what we got them this year? 

Mrs.  Rosenthall:             Well, I sure hope so.  You know, every year it’s a new widget or gadget that they want.

Mr. Rosenthall:                You are so right.  I had a very difficult time finding something that I thought they would like and things are so expensive now.

(Samantha enters the room)

Samantha:                          I don’t know why we have to do all of this for Christmas, after all, it’s just one day?

Mr. Rosenthall:                 Well Sam, we do this because it is a time to celebrate  Jesus.

Samantha:                          Who is Jesus?

(Zoe runs  into the room with Joshua following her)

Zoe:                                       Mom!  Joshua won’t leave me alone!

Joshua (Yelling):                               Give me my video game you little….

Mrs. Rosenthall:               That’s enough now off to bed you three!

Samantha:                          Goodnight Mom and Dad.  (She kisses mom and dad on the cheek)

Zoe:                                       Goodnight

Joshua:                                 Goodnight

(The children go to their rooms and fall asleep)

Mr. Rosenthall:                 You know we have been here for 5 years now and we need to find a church.  

Mrs. Rosenthall:               Well, there is a new church on Ironbridge? We could take the children there before we open gifts tomorrow.

Mr. Rosenthall:                 Well, we’ll see.  We have a lot of places to go tomorrow so we might not have time.   Come on let’s go to sleep now, we have a long day tomorrow.

Act II

Narrator:                             It’s midnight at the Rosenthalls’ and everyone is asleep.  It has been a long day and because its Christmas Eve, the children are anxiously awaiting Christmas Day. However, someone who looks like he might be a thief has entered their home…

(Collecting all the presents and stuffing them into a duffle bag)

Thief:                                    Well, what do we have here?  Looks like Super-sale day after Thanksgiving was pretty good.  Hmm…We have an Ipod, a fur coat,  Wi-FI , Flat Screen, CD Player, DVD’s, Chris Brown CD…Who is Chris Brown?  I don’t know him.  Oh well… I will just leave them with this.  (Apparent thief leaves a wrapped box)

(Thief tips over to the children and kisses each on the forehead without waking them then exits)


Narrator:                             Its Christmas morning.  The Rosenthalls have awaken and gathered at the tree. 

Samantha (crying):          Oh no… he didn’t come!  I was really good and he did not come….

                                                (Crying) “He didn’t come! He didn’t come! He didn’t come! He didn’t come!”

Joshua (stomping):         This must be a you just got punked joke.  I don’t believe it.

Zoe :                                      (Sitting on the floor holding the one present under the tree) There must be a million dollars in this box and its all for me!

Mr. Rosenthall:                 I am calling the police!

Mrs. Rosenthall:               Honey wait! Let’s open the box. 

                                                (Mrs. Rosenthall opens the box with the family looking on)

Mr. Rosenthall:                 What is it? 

Mrs. Rosenthall:               It’s a letter and a baby blanket. 

Mr. Rosenthall:                 Well, what does it say?

Mrs. Rosenthall:               (Reading the letter aloud)

                                                Dear Mr. & Mrs. Rosenthall, Zoe, Samantha and Joshua,

                                                Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart;  I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.  For you see, I created the world and all that is within it. 

On this day, it is not the presents that you have given to one another that matter.  You see, the gift above all gifts is that which I have already given you.  He is the great Messiah born in Bethlehem and wrapped in swaddling clothing. 

His name is Jesus.  My one and only son, whom  I allowed to lay down his life that you might live.  This blanket is a reminder of the gift that I have given to each of you.  Remember and celebrate him this day. Go and tell the world that he reigns on high at the right hand of the throne of grace and mercy. 

                                                Don’t worry about the presents that I removed from the tree.  I have treasures stored in heaven for each of you. This gift is a reminder of my son that I have given and that He is my perfect gift to you because I love you.


                                                                                                                Your Father in Heaven

(The family hugs one another and begins a prayer of thanks)

Mr. Rosenthall:                Let us go to the house of the Lord and tell of his goodness. 

(They all hug and leave for church)

The End


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