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I was sitting up late the other night and of course I was watching TV and in a matter of an hour I saw half a dozen if not more commercials asking for money for the Haiti survivors and for the foundations for the starving children over seas now before you go and say this guys a jerk and so on and so forth let me just say that I do feel bad for the men, women, and children, for the things they have suffered and for the things they continue to have to deal with on a day to day basis now that being said it got me to thinking about all of the the money our government has spent to help these places such as Haiti, Africa, Iraq, and Afghanistan just to name a few that have received billions upon billions of US dollars and are still not much better off than before the government gave them the money , Now here is what bothered me I started to look into how much aid the US government put in to helping the sick and homeless men, women, and children right here in the US and what I found  just made me sick, can you believe that they (and by they I mean the US government) had spent only the time and what it cost to have someone look into the matter,  wow I did not know the the American people mean so little, if it is proof you need than all you have to do is drive to any major city and drive around down town and look at all the less fortunate people and remember it is like that in every major city and  if you don't see any homeless people just ask someone where they are, And that's not counting the ones that are not seen or heard about and you will never hear from them because they believe no one cares about them, Well  I believe that the US government should have to come up with a plan and or a solution to spend what ever no mater how much it cost to solve and help our fellow Americans , Our Children, Our Brothers, Our Sisters, Our Mothers, Our Fathers, no matter of who they are , what they have done or not done , or for how they believe or don't believe , US Citizens should always come first before any others regardless if the government wants the oil and diamond's in the other countries  or not and besides if you the Government are willing to spend billions and trillions of dollars on other countries then you had damn well better be ready to spend that kind of money on your own American Citizens and make sure that we the citizens are well looked after and taken care or because you all should always remember you all were elected by the people and can be replaced by the people.

Since that has been said I don't think that the government is the only one with whom this issue should be addressed it also begs the question is to why is not one of the pay a dollar and adopt and sponser a child commercials is done to adopt and sponser a child in America, it is always to adopt a child from some country most people have never heard of where I guess the foundations can keep all of the profits the reason I say that is because I did the adopt and sponser a child thing and was told that I would be sponsering a child from America and I received a picture of the child I was sponsering, and the picture I recieved was of a kid from where ever he was from they sent it to me five times and this child was from another country not America, and they kept sending me the same picture yes really, I had it checked it was the same picture as the first one they sent me what a joke so is this why their aren't any of these adopt and sponser a child foundations here in the US it does kind of make you wounder I don't know what else to say but I believe that if these American foundations can adopt and sponser kids from other countries then they should also do the same for the kids here in America .

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5/10/2010 12:00:00 AM
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