Heaven's So Pretty
Jesse had a soul that was troubled and marred
A man who was bitter and cold and hard
The only thing that mattered to him
Was his little baby girl who walked with a limp
Jesse worked hard seven days a week
To see that she had shoes and something to eat
But he never complained, everything that he did
Was for that little curly-headed, blue-eyed kid

Every Sunday morning he would drop her off
At the little white church with the steeple on top
And she'd beg him, "Please, Daddy, won't you come in,
Meet the nice preacher and all of my friends?"
But years before when that car had wrecked
His baby'd lost her mama and the use of her leg
And he'd decided that Jesus was a fairy tale
Cause here on Earth was the only Hell

But one summer night while the rain fell hard
They were putting up her pony in that run-down barn
Lightning flashed and a tree came down
And it pinned her little body to that cold, hard ground
Well he pulled her free and he held her tight
Said, "Don't worry baby, it'll be alright,"
But her little swollen face started shining with glee
As her eyes found something only she could see

She said His eyes are loving and his smile is grand
And I can see the nailprints in His hands
I'm not hurting, Daddy, He won't let me
And I can see Mama coming down to get me
Oh, she's just like her pictures, Daddy, young and sweet
And I can hear singing like you wouldn't believe
Don't worry, Daddy, 'cause now you know
That Heaven's so pretty
Don't you wanna go?

How he made it through those next few months
He didn't know, but it sure was tough
All the people in the town said 'he's gonna go mad'
But Jesse believed he already had
Everytime he would close his eyes
He could hear her last words and see that smile
And he'd feel a strange tug way down deep in his chest
And a still, small voice never let him rest

One Sunday morning he surprised them all
When he came into the church in his overalls
The preacher asked if anybody needed prayer
And Jesse hit his knees in that altar there
Two minutes later a new man stood
He smiled and said, "I never thought I'd feel this good!"
He raised his hands and threw back his head
And shouted, "I'll bet it's just like she said!"

His eyes are loving and His smile is grand
And you can see the nailprints in his hands
They'll be no hurting 'cause He won't let you
And you'll see all your loved ones coming down to get you
But they'll be so different, all young and fair
With the angels' sweet music floating in the air
I'm so happy, now I get to go
People, Heaven's so pretty
My baby told me so

Well for forty years he told all who'd listen
About his baby girl and their eyes would glisten
Led a few hundred souls to a brand new start
Til his hair turned grey and his eyes went dark

One night in a nursing home in room 110
An alarm went off and the nurses rushed in
But that old blind preacher just shook his head no
And with his last breath said, "Let me go..."

'Cause I can see Him standing at the foot of my bed
With nailprints showing in His outstretched hands
I'm not hurting 'cause my Father won't let me
And I can see my girl coming down to get me
But she's so, so different, now she's running free
And her Mama's there smiling while the angels sing
Don't you try to keep me here, just let me go
Cause Heaven's so pretty, and I'm ready to go

Oh, Heaven's so pretty
Heaven's so real
Jesus is calling
Are you ready to go?

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A song I wrote ages ago, I've been sitting on it forever, thought I would post it first. Flame away!
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