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     Charles Denney stumbled slowly out into the open and rough side-walks of Chance, England, as a ray of light reflected off of an object, and into his eye, to where his brain flipped the image, and registered the image to him as the very miracle of "sight". You see, many members in today's society take "sight" for granted, but not Charles. Charles was granted with the unfortunate demise of being optically challenged, doomed to a fate of shattering glasses and irritated corneas by the almost barbaric methods of spectacles and contact lenses. However, due to a very lovely technology, called laser eye surgery, Charles was able to escape this fate. He was able to have several other human beings stand around him, shooting hot concentrated light beams (like those laser beams in Star Wars, Star Trek, or any other Science Fiction picture show) into his eyes and make permanent cuts into him, reshaping the eye's lenses itself. Yes, much less barbaric than those other methods.           
     The moment that Charles heard of this unbelievable process, he covered himself with his crimson, soft robe (a very comfortable robe, at that), put on his matching fuzzy slippers, and trotted into his brand new 1989 Mercedes-Benz, singeing his hand on the hot wheel a little. Attempting to avert the pain, he grabbed his extremely stylish prescription sunglasses from the black dashboard, flailed his hand in the air as a desperate attempt to cool it, and drove to the nearest hospital, which he had just so happened to own. Charles was a very wealthy man, owning much of the major business in the small-but-slightly-bigger-than-a-REALLY-small-town of Chance, and due to his nature of having his money take care of everything else, he took many other things for granted that even the folks with 20/20 vision have to worry about. This, often times, left him uninformed about the advancements of modern medicine (as well as many other things), as he was too busy doing what rich people do (unfortunately I cannot elaborate on this, as I am poor). 

     As he entered the hospital, he couldn't resist his always constant urge to wave both arms simultaneously in the air for his big entrance, almost as if he were petting two very large imaginary moose at both sides of his body. He's not quite sure why moose, he just always liked moose. This action of petting the moose unfortunately split apart his robe in a very awkward manner, giving the lobby room an indecent show on male anatomy, thanks to a rich man's need to feel "free". This was followed by a loud belting from the middle-aged man, who screamed "I need one of you overpaid cretins to cut out my eyes!". Charles still had the sunglasses on, of course.

     The staff ophthalmologist happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (or vice versa, depending on how one perceived the situation), and she let a heavy sigh pass her petite lips. As she entered the room, following the source of the absurd statement made just seconds earlier, her eyes glanced around the ever-so silent audience of on-lookers, and then viewed the show herself. Her blue eyes opened in a wide, bulging fashion, as she scanned the nude man that stood 10 yards across the lobby. Rushing over, with her lab coat trailing about, she quickly grabbed both sides of the exposing robe, and slammed them shut, like she would the window curtains when she needed privacy. Though, this time, the privacy was needed on the other end, for every man, woman, and child's sake. Taking his Hand, then quickly removing hers away in disgust, then taking it again with a still disgusted face, she pulled her client away from the blushing crowd and into a private room.
     "What in the world do you think you're doing?!? Have you been drinking again?", the ophthalmologist whispered harshly to her now-decent companion? She spoke with an American accent, which was quite a deal in Chance, England.
     "No, no, not alcohol yet. I heard about this surgery where they cut out your eyes or something, and then you can see without glasses or contacts or anything! It didn't really make sense to me, but heck, neither do magicians. I figure, heck, if a bloody man can make an elephant disappear on the tele...", Charles was cut short.

     "Just shut up you idiot. We don't cut out your eyes. We cut in your eyes. You see, how it works is that we", as she spoke, Charles raised his hand in a mocking fashion, moving his fingers with her lips moving, "cut little slits into... into... into your... Gosh, why am I even explaining this to you! You're such a child!", she stumbled out, and then cried in frustration.
     Now, any other doctor would be immediately fired for speaking so direct and harshly at their superior, but she was no ordinary doctor. Well, actually, she was an ordinary doctor, but she was no ordinary person, per say. She was Charles Denney's American cousin Lisa Jones. Charles always told her that her impatience with him was due to her past of being raised in the fast paced United States of America, where everything needed to be done instantly, and no one over there had no apparent social lives because they were much too busy. Lisa, disagreed, however, believing that her impatience with him was due to the fact that he was a complete and utter blubbering idiot, along with a sloth, figuratively speaking. 

     Dr. Jones dragged him along and scheduled him in for his laser eye surgery that very day, pushing back the appointment of a poor individual, who later suffered fatal injuries thanks to his inability to see moving traffic. The advantage of owning this hospital was that Charles never had to wait for medical problems to be solved, though many thought this to be an abusive form of showing his power and wealth. And so he waited one hour, where his irate, blond, and little cousin left him alone to fiddle with the over-sized, three dimensional eye diagrams that disgusted yet interested him so. Finally, she made it back, and dragged him into the operating room. Every free doctor observed the procedure, many of whom were hoping for something to go wrong, and left afterwards, disappointed by the complete mediocrity of the event. The eye surgery worked exactly as planned, and everything went well. Almost better than expected, quite actually. Almost too well. And this brings us back to where Charles was out and about outside on the side-walk and bathing in the rays of light, enjoying his new vision while taking a victory stroll through the town in his slippers. 

     He started to fiddle around with his prescription sunglasses, putting them on, and taking them off, back and forth, to watch how the process of blurry to clear was reversed. It was obvious that he was going to need a new pair of sunglasses, he thought to himself. And as these very insignificant thoughts crossed his mind, as compared to the entirety of earth's well being, he noticed as a very pale looking man passed through his left shoulder, leaving him with a cold chill up his very valuable spine.

     "D-d-d-did you just... How did you... Who... What the bloody heck are you?!?", Charles struggled out, peering over his should at the man. 

     "What, never seen a spirit before?", the other man replied, and then tucked his head back down, wandering sluggishly back down the opposite way.

     Charles panicked, and scanned his surroundings hectically, seeing many new faces in this small town, and even some old ones. Pale men and women scattered around everywhere, some in random places, and each one had a blueish glow surrounding him or her. It gave Charles an eerie feeling, as he began to recognize the simple fact that he somehow obtained the ability to see dead people. Perhaps the surgery worked too well indeed.

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Short Story
writing Gorudu
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This writing is a story series I'm starting up about a man named Charles Denney who gets laser eye surgery and then gets the ability to see spirits. It's a fun idea that I thought of and I hope you enjoy it.
A Word from the Writer
I wrote this with a British accent in my head, and it may be much more entertaining if you read it the same way. It's meant to be funny, so please tell me whether or not it really is in comments ^_^.