White Chocolate Goddess
Girl the feeling that you give me I just can't seem to knock it your skin is so smooth and creamy like Hershey's white chocolate every time I see your face my heart beats faster than a rocket you make me wanna slide my sausage deep inside your cockpit I swear you have an amazing sense of humor you make me laugh every chance you get a chance for anything to ruin our friendship I wouldn't let because you are of more value to me than placing a bet and the rest I haven't quite figured out just yet I don't know what it is about you but I'm very attracted and it's got my head spinning like the webs of arachnids I am eager to taste the sugar between the cracks of your lips miss I got a sack full of black cherries along with some Hershey kisses to bake pies with and yeah girl you can be my assistant you're not a stranger to me there's no need to be so damn distant to dive head first into an ocean of love don't be so resistant it seems to me that the abuse of your current relationship is very persistent I try to help you but you walk around pretending that I'm nonexistent well baby like a wolf I'm still on the prowl and I think that you've got what it takes to make me howl see I'm tired of chicks throwing me foul balls then on top of it all behind my back they're always making foul calls bringing out my insecurity causing me to pitfall deep into the flames landing on top of a log only to be sliced by a fucking saw hell naw baby I just wanna be with you 'cause you're the only thing on my list that I need to do wouldn't you agree that in a way we're meant to be no need to act like ya blind when it's really plain to see
© 2009 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)

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