Whatever You Want To Call It
This is the start of a journey
Into something new
For this is something
That I love to do
I'm concentrating hard
On what to write
Maybe it would help
If I could get a little insight
Or maybe I'm just too blind
To realize that I can improve
But honestly
I don't have to prove myself to anyone
It's hard for me to think
But if I don't think
Then I won't make any sense
I need to expand my variety
And learn how to blend
I can't talk about
The same thing all the time
Because it gets played out
And never amounts to a dime
I'm not here to please anybody
I only like to please myself
So your comments are welcome
Into the pitfalls of hell
People say that you got to be critiqued
In order to better
So if that's what you are here to do
Then you are better off putting this through a shredder
But hey if it's gonna make me richer
Then I'm all for it
And if not
I'll try my best to ignore it
For this poem I don't really have a title
But I'm sure I'll think of something
Because I always do could be having writer's block
But so what it's nothing new
Same old stuff
Brand new day
It never makes a difference anyway
I'm not sure what else to say
But if I don't write it down
This feeling will never go away
I know I'm usually better than this
But right now I can't think straight
Who knows maybe I'll get inspired
By another poem of which I can relate
Hell I'm always inspired
By somebody else
The only difference is that I do this for fun
And not for wealth
Not to mention I can sharpen my skills
If I continue to practice
For I am an amateur
with little to no experience
If you count middle school
That's the only time I ever learned about poetry
But I never really payed attention
To what was presented to me
And yet I am a high school graduate
Which makes my excuse very elaborate
Right now
I'm watching TV
It's two in the morning
And in my bed
Is where I should be
I'm tired
So I'm going to sleep
Good night
And Sweet dreams

By Glenn McCrary

© 2008 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)

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