Unrequited Love

She is something I hold so dear

Though to her it will never be clear

As I walk along this twisted road

The way that I felt she will never know

I met her on the sixth of May

I thought that she would always stay

With her I experienced my first kiss

And that memory I will always cherish

She always knew how to make me smile

But now that she's gone nothing seems to make my day worthwhile

I don't know what to do

My heart is broken in two

I loved her

And I thought that she loved me back

But it was just another case of unrequited love crawling on my back

She's been gone for a year

Of which seems an eternity

I wanted to prove to her that I was the one

But now everything is said and done

I thought that she would be my girlfriend

But she just wanted to be friends

She played with my heart

She fooled me into thinking that she liked me

And now I'm torn apart

And that's highly unlikely

But it's better to have loved and lost

Than never to have loved at all

It's better than being a loner

until the day that you fall

Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like

If I were ever to go out with her

I'd gently kiss her on her neck

and make out with her in the shower

I'd cleanse her body with soap and water

then afterwards I would be through

I wonder how long our relationship would have lasted

Maybe a year or two

So I hear relationships are hard work

and that there is more to relationships than I love you

She was my lock

I was her key

I'd always unlock her heart

at any time of the day

To show her

That she would never fade away

Writing this poem makes me want to cry

But I'm a man

So I gotta keep the pain inside

I can't let these feelings show

I'm too ashamed for people to know

And yet I'm posting this note

Only to find a tiny ray of hope

I never thought that I'd be this lonely

Sitting in the dark

Thinking of my one and only

Now I see that things are never going to go my way

So it's time to say goodbye

And look to another day

Where I turn the page

And erase the pain

It's such a shame that we had to part

But just remember that you will always be in my heart

You may call it infatuation

But I call it unrequited love

By Glenn McCrary

© 2008 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)


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It's about young lost love.
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