Being underestimated
Is a profoundly annoying thing
Of which I don't approve
Because it is very rude
You see it all the time
People say you got to be smart
Or have a degree
But I believe that education
Does not measure your worth
People think that without that area of intelligence
You won't get very far
In some situations they can be wrong
Sometimes people are underestimated for their looks
But looks can be deceiving
Sometimes people are underestimated By their IQ
But they can score an A on a calculus test
You see people may be underestimated
But they never fail to impress
Maybe if more people payed attention to that
They wouldn't think of them any less
You don't got to be the best
But it helps to stand out from the rest
People may take you as a joke now
But it won't always be that way
Eventually people will take you serious
And if not then I would find them delirious
Or huge procrastinators
Because nobody pays attention to haters
All they do is try to put you down
But words can never make you or break you
And sometimes words can hurt
But you should never let anybody get in your way
Or treat you like dirt
And if worse comes to worse
And push comes to shove
Just remember that you are always above
There is no other way to put it
And if you don't believe it
Then no one will

By Glenn McCrary

© 2008 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)


StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 7/18/2009 12:32:29 AM
Wonderfully wise words. I agree with you TOTALLY! Yes education can take you places, but how many "educated idiots" are out there? I don't care how many college degrees you may have or how high you rise, if you don't have good sense and/or common sense, you will be a educated idiot. You want proof of this? Look at George Bush. Smart man, but has no common or good sense. There are those that have lacked the highest education and still went far. (Henry Ford to name one) I am not knocking education, but there is more to intelligence than being highly educated. And you tell that here so very well. Also, I like that you also tell of being underestimated. People may look at you and see a ?. But you may have talents and abilities that will astound them.

OneVoice   OneVoice wrote
on 7/17/2009 3:47:43 AM
..."And if you don't believe it... then no one will" - Amen

writing GlennMcCrary
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