The Truth Has Been Spoken

So I may not be the most attractive man
But the man within me is attractive
Maybe if you stick around long enough
Then you will see that I can be interactive

I usually very shy
And I don't talk too much
There is no particular reason why
It's just that when I speak I get stuck

Most of the time I lay low
And other times I approach people
Sometimes I am afraid to let my true spirit glow
And other times I can be as tall as a steeple

I'll admit I might talk a lot
But is that really a bad thing?
You should be happy that you have somebody
Who is interested in the same things

I always mind my business
And I'm always doing me
And anybody that has common sense
Would respectfully agree

I may not be that good of a poet
But only time will tell
Pretty soon everybody will know it
And it will suddenly ring a bell

Now I feel like my brain is dead
and I don't really have anything left
But I would rather push myself instead
Of being a complete failure

And I realize that if I don't fail
Then I can't win
So I've been told
Over and over again

I'm always trying to be the best
and always trying to beat the rest
and I confess that I have never
Been the type to give up

On anything that I want
My mom always told me that if I want something
I got to earn it
But I know nothing comes easy

But suddenly my heart starts beating to a different drum
And I can prove that I'm the only one
Who will be there for my friends
When they are down in the dirt

Like a local nurse
When their feelings get hurt
And I don't often search for love
But in the past I have searched

In all the wrong places
Maybe I should just wait
For love to find me
But I don't always want

To talk about the same thing
Because it gets tiring
I finally discovered myself
And I no longer need help

To pull me out of this hell
For I have risen above Satan
And I have beaten him to the punch
I hate him and his evil ways

For he only darkens my days
But I'm done for now
And soon you will hear the sound
Of more words coming out of my mouth

By Glenn McCrary

© 2008 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)

dont_ask_me   dont_ask_me wrote
on 1/14/2014 11:39:05 AM
a great poem, but just so you know, a sonnet has 14 lines...

writing GlennMcCrary
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