The Rapist
Tell me who the hell are you
to take what's rightfully mine
thinking you can get away
without paying a fine
what kinda sick state of mind
are you currently in?
it doesn't pay to commit
so many damn sins
how dare you try to rape me
of my my pride, my integrity my eternal glory
best believe I'm gonna get it back
revenge is the moral of my story
I don't care if you ignore or choose to explore me
'cause you'll be tasting a body bag in a freezer
just like in the morgue see I'm allowing you to
foresee what will happen if you continue
to rob me of my dignity
I'll never let you take that from me
that's mine from now to infinity
so why are you so into me?
why do I have to be the victim of your crimes?
to cope I just sit here and attack you with these rhymes
come within five feet of me and I'll smack you with these nines
you're so fucking feminine nigga read between the lines
when it comes to running track you'll never overlap me
I'm so fast you're gonna need about a dozen rewinds
you may think this is fiction but this is definitely fact
I got plenty of witnesses that are guarding my back
for spreading a lot rumors yeah y'all niggas got a knack
you've already stated your opinion now get off my sack
before you get slapped in the back of your fucking fat head
I thought you were my friend 'cause for you I emotionally bled
and this is the repayment that I get instead that's it man
I've had it now I'm fed up this shit wasn't real it was just a setup
you were just another actor playing the role and I believed you
until now my heart is broken I can't be consoled
to still wanna talk to me you're very fucking bold
like the paper of an origami I'm hard to unfold
why would you wanna hold a nigga up for ransom
you must be the brokest nigga in the world and then some
damn son I just roasted yo ass and one like a flip phone
from Samsung I'll flip you off and keep rolling that's right
you looking damn stunned now I'm done
By Glenn McCrary

© 2010 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 1/19/2010 1:29:32 AM
I can see this as a rapp for your lyrics are talented. And your subject is brutal for rape is no joke. For some reason,this brings to mind an old movie titled "Lipstick" with Mariel Hemmingway in which her little sister's teacher raped her. She took that, but when the teacher raped her little sister. . . well. . . you'll have to watch it to find out.

writing GlennMcCrary
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