Suicide River

Here I am once again being washed away
sinking all the way to the bottom of the river
of death as you watch with no mercy or compassion
for the weak and fragile condition of the frame of
my emotions you don't give a damn about how much
pain I am in you're just standing there laughing at
my pathetic attempts to revive myself of the poison
that you've injected into my brain I could feel the echoes
of your maniacal laughter reverberating off of the walls of
my sternum shattering my heart into fragments picking up
the pieces and squirting out the last few droplets remaining
as I laid there helplessly in need of oxygen you then whipped out
your daggers while placing the heel of your boot to my chest
running the edge of the steel cold blade across my throat
nearly inches away from decapitating me then somehow
in the midst of it all I must have gained the help of a thousand
miracles because some pagan angel dawned on me
assassinating this homicidal maniac saving me from biting the dust
I could barely see this angel because she was standing on top of a rock
directly in the reflection of the sunlight then barely a second after I blinked
she was gone and to my surprise the asshole that tried to kill me left her
dagger laying right beside me I grabbed it and swam to shore as I was relaxing
in the sand I figured that I would release my stress and release I did by placing
the blade of the dagger to my wrist slicing away with a very deep and brutal force
in an effort to make sure that I was bleeding profusely I didn't want the blood to stop
so I placed the blade to my other wrist causing twice the damage and within minutes
I was suffocating swallowing huge gulps of air but before succumbing to the collapsing
bridges of my knee caps I decided to take the coward's way out by decapitating myself
lifting the weight of misery and despair from my shoulders

By Glenn McCrary

© 2010 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)

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