Shadows Of Darkness

As you ponder in the darkness
You start to wonder how you got there in the first place
But it's hard to recall
Because you can't seem to visualize the person's face
You can barely remember a thing
Because you were knocked out cold
And you couldn't find the energy to get up
So the blame goes to the person that let you suffer
It's devastating to know that this person
Is no longer around
This person is possessed with the devil
And his evil demons
You can picture him in your mind
Walking around with an upside down cross
And he is at a loss of direction
And he doesn't hold any affection within himself
Nor does he show any mercy towards anybody
You know him
And I know him
And we both want to break free
Far away from this misery
And to a much happier place
In order to relieve you of your stress
And take your pain away
I believe in God
But I think the devil has gotten a hold of me
He's got me in a choke hold
And I keep struggling to escape
But he won't let me go
And I blame Satan
For all the crap that I have been going through
I don't understand
I can't seem to figure out
Whether this is karma or bad luck
I could possibly be doing this to myself
And not even realize it
Or maybe it's a combination
Of both karma and self infliction
Maybe I'm the devil
It's just crazy
I'm going crazy
I need to chill out
And I need to get myself
High up in the clouds
Where I can day dream all day
And never have to worry
About a thing ever again
I am so deep in the flames
That only my soul remains
Sharing this I have nothing to gain
But this makes me feel good
Because I don't know what else to do
Besides sitting here and talking to you
Because I just don't know what to do
I'm on the edge of my life
Grasping on the edge of my seat
Wondering where I'm going
Sometimes I look up at the clouds
And wonder if my life was chosen to be this way
Sometimes I look up at the stars
And wonder if I will ever find a real meaning to my life
I don't want to play around anymore
This has become profoundly annoying
I no longer want to be stuck in a trap
I hate it so much
And yet the feeling continues to get stronger everyday
It sucks to be me sometimes
But it can have it's advantages
And it can also have it's disadvantages
But somehow i always find a way to manage
I feel like I'm running down a path
Maybe I'll never reach the end
But then again I could be wrong

By Glenn McCrary

© 2008 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)

OneVoice   OneVoice wrote
on 7/17/2009 4:30:33 AM
Glen... each life having any substantive purpose will by it nature face challenges and struggles - be they self inflicted or by karma. We are by design the type of creatures that ever evolve, ever change, and ever struggle - this is the nature of humankind. Wherever there is a question... it is in human nature to find the answer, where there is doubt..., it is human nature to seek assurance, wherever there is fear..., it is human nature to face it. Confusion, doubt, restlessness, anger, disbelief of self, uncertainty, and hope are all part of the human experience for those whose lives have great purpose. If you were incapable of feeling, if you were incapable of doubt, if you never felt uncertainty, if you never question yourself, and if you never experienced the type of despair that make you yearn for hope... such a life would seldom find a need to press the boundaries of its own ‘human’ potential…, and the 'bubble' in which such a life existed would not be as full or as sweet. Count your blessings by embracing your struggles. You will be a better man with them… than without.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 7/11/2009 12:02:37 AM
This speaks of those dark corners of our minds and soul that make you wonder what is going on inside. So many why's and so few answers, and that is what makes it all the more confusing. But we appreciate the light much more when we have been in the dark for so long, and one day decide to come out of it.

writing GlennMcCrary
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