Real Deal
Nowadays I see that people who hardly know me
Judge me by my past and laugh and it hits me with negative impact
Like the pain of a tooth covered in large amounts of plaque
They take one look at me and think that I’m a mess but I guess that they never
Show any kind of remorse for the people they are addressing and it’s a blessing
By how much of my life has been affected by the bible It’s been a while since
I’ve read it but now I depend on it for survival because this recession in every way is
Affecting my life cycle so I’m reduced to following the word like I’m one of Jesus’s disciples I mean I’m a believer but I’m not a communist so don’t pressure or patronize me with sayings that are anonymous yeah I write about fantasies and tell stories but so what that’s my
business I write for myself so it’s your choice if you choose to ignore me bitches these words pour straight out of my mind and heart like
The blood loss resulting from a massive shark bite I never stop I just keep on going and just like a river I never stop flowing I’m similar to a night light I never stop glowing ya girl should’ve been a blowfish ‘cause she just can’t stop blowing
She sucks on my dick like a hot dog fresh off the grill she swallows my cum so fast that she’s always asking for refills like a Walgreens customer with a bottle of prescription pills yeah I know this turned from a pity note to a freestyle but I think that it was worth me going the extra mile no getting off on exits keep going straight single file I no longer feel like I’m as flat as a roof tile I’m continually rising like a biscuit in the oven while I send the strong, warm scent of my delicious, buttery taste
Surely you don’t want me to go to waste like the
sewage water flowing in the sewers on a daily basis but my case is I have to face this difficult situation like a child just learning to tie shoelaces I’m similar to a noose I have knots in certain places but it’s up to God to decide what my fate is trust me it’s not in my character to fake this ‘cause unlike pagans I am not faithless
© 2009 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)

jlew1973   jlew1973 wrote
on 11/7/2009 3:04:09 AM
I dig the political tone. The "in your face" style and flow. I think it would be even more powerful without the sexual reference. It seemed to contradict the "righteous" tone established earlier with references to the bible and Jesus. But it's just an opinion from another poet/writer and the contradiction may actually be the whole point of your poem. I'm reading more of your work to get a feel for your voice and hear what you have to say. Peace man, jlew1973 aka John

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