Raspberry Roses
Excuse me little lady if I could get a bit of ya time to introduce myself while I'm in the midst of this rhyme from afar I could see your beauty shining as bright as the sun you approach men faster than the bullets of a gun and I also notice that you like to have fun and you're plain hard to get when you wanna be it's almost as if the entire male race is in debt and if you continue we're gonna be now to be honest all jokes aside I was trying to break through the exterior of this selfish woman's pride but deep down I know she's insecure on the inside I'm curious as to what it is that she's so desperately trying to hide my persuasive skills are bonafide a true playa I'm certified but this bitch is like a dead end to which my senses have been notified see I approached this bitch but she showed no interest she had her head stuck so far up her ass like a stubborn, arrogant empress but yet she expects to be treated like a princess but it's okay for her to tease and seduce me just like a temptress all my attempts have been shot down so I have nothing left to impress this woman but however I invited this bitch to my party I could really fucking care less if the bitch shows up tardy she gladly accepted my offer and you know my master plan was to slip and slide between her knockers over the weekend I started seeking the most expensive love potion that I could find that would give my guests an extensive first impression of the host and at the same time blow her fucking mind because I'm so sick and tired of jerkin' my chicken I just wanna play with her clit and stick my dick in between the warmth of the moist that surrounds the inner areas of her thighs the elapsing of time I really fucking despise whether or not she sees the passionate fire of lust in my eyes I sure could feel the temperature rising like the steam of some freshly baked pies so on the night of the party she decided that she would come by women this beautiful these days are really hard to come by She was looking mighty fine man I ain't even gonna lie so then I offered her an alcoholic beverage her protective shield that she built I was about to sever it because little did she know I had slipped a love potion in her drink this was not an act of impulse nor did it require me to think the name of the potion was Raspberry Roses believe me I didn't even really wanna impose this but I had no choice I had to act out independently from the sound of my own voice because apparently it was going in one ear and out the other one and to think that she didn't notice I have to admit I was pretty stunned but so what I don't really see what the big fucking deal is once she ingested the potion she was falling head over hills for this dick going in between her lips it felt so good my stomach started doing flips
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