Poetic Nature
Lately it seems that I have been lacking inspiration the pillar of my imagination has vanished I can't focus I'm losing concentration desperate I am to banish these mental complications that are isolating and revoking my ability to express my emotions allowing these invisible hands to clasp around my throat choking my poetic spirit putting a strain on my never ending devotion forcing me to go out of my way and ask questions hoping to get some helpful suggestions but however I have learned a valuable lesson you can't go towards the inspiration you gotta let the inspiration come to you and eventually everything will come together and stick like paper and glue when this will happen I have no clue but when the opportunity strikes I take full advantage of it because it is so rich and fulfilling to capture, release and translate that moment into something beautiful I love it that's why I hold onto it so tight and never let it escape my sight for it gives me the motivation that I need to get through these lonely nights and help me continue to write despite the chronic writer's block that I've been having disrupting ideas from flowing through my head while maniacally laughing knocking me over causing me to fall fifty feet while heavily gasping which then leads into hyperventilation as I end up instantly collapsing into a deep coma that would take years for me to awaken from believe me I'm not faking after careful calculation this is the sum that I've come up with and I fear that it is what is damaging my word playing magic but on my life I wouldn't quit so what if every now and then I end up having a glitch all writers do it's a universal disease that haunts us until we can find a cure and breakthrough
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