October Scene

In the dead of night

All spooky things come onto the scene

Creeping up behind you

To wreak havoc in your dreams

Zombies rise up out of the grounds

Of the cemetery making low grumbling sounds

Male corpses escort their brides

Down the darkened street

With worms and insects crawling out of their heads

And all over their feet

Vampires break open their coffins

Turn into bats and begin to fly

In search of the fresh smell of blood

That they consume of which they can’t deny

Frankenstein awakens on the experiment table

Knocks his creator out cold

Then he embarks on a journey to haunt people and to let

His true scare tactics unfold

Black cats come out of dead end corners

Stroking on lookers with bad luck

Diminishing all good spirits

To fade away into the dust

Black crows start flying out

In pitch black skies

Ready to strike

At all the curious little eyes

Werewolves creep out from

Within the depths of the forest

If any piece of human flesh walks by the hunger of these creatures

Won’t cease to flourish

Demons sneak into the souls

Of numerous individuals alike

To start a spiritual war putting them through

Extreme anguish throughout the night

Ghosts start haunting empty rooms

Rats crawl from left to right

Ravens sit on top of scarecrows screeching

Leaving the whole neighborhood in fright

Owls hoot loudly while

Sitting on tree branches

Warlocks come flying on their pitchforks that Lucifer gave them

Before he was dropped from Heaven’s stances

Mummies awaken from

Their Egyptian tombs

Wrapped up in several bandages

Expelling decaying bodily fumes

Gargoyles erupt shedding

Their skins of stone

Any signs of mercy

They will not condone

Witches boiling cauldrons of poison

To give to dumb and blind pedestrians

Headless horseman lurk around

Installing fear into grade A thespians

When all of these creatures unite from east to west

You don’t stand a chance prepare to meet your death

By Glenn McCrary

© 2009 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)

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