My Life Sucks
So here I sit

Bored and depressed

Thinking of ways

That I can become a success

It's nerve wrecking

Sitting at home

When others are out having a good time

and you are all alone

It makes me wonder

If life is still worth living

But then again I should be thankful

For what I have been given

The pressure of being a loner

Is unbearable

But the unemployment rate

Is understandable

I feel like a loser

Sitting here writing this

But I love to write

So you can give my butt a kiss

I feel like everyone hates me

And that I am socially rejected

But it doesn't matter

I am as good as dead

I bet you are reading this

and I bet you are ready to judge

Be my guest

It doesn't bring me any luck

Sometimes I wonder

Why I was put on this earth

Like what my purpose is here

and why I am feeling so hurt

My life really sucks

And I try to fool myself

Into thinking it doesn't

When in reality

I have nothing

I feel like I am standing in the rain

Crying in pain

Thinking of everybody in vein

I'm similar to

Short term memory

I meet people

But they never remember me

This is not what I want

I need structure

I need to start building my life

Or I will find it hard to survive

I can't continue

staying at home

Relying on people

To give me something

I realize

That I have to get out and get it

I feel like I try so hard

But people only make my life harder

It's like I'll never win

So I light up a circle of candles

And sit in the center

Telling myself

That I can be a winner

I hate the position

That I am in right now

But eventually things will get better

and I won't have to frown

But until then

I'll sit and wait

Until I can get back on my feet

And set everything straight

By Glenn McCrary

© 2008 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)


Kartel   Kartel wrote
on 4/26/2009 9:21:03 AM
i can see that u r piss off by ur current situation but i am not going to tell u that better will come . infact i was in the same situation that u r in now and it help me to discover myself, God said everything happen for a reason believe it . during my time of unemployment i study the book of words interlect and become a better writer . however i love ur poem my friend .

writing GlennMcCrary
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