I was walking down the hallway
on a path that consisted of quicksand
sucking me in at a pace so rapidly
there was no way I could escape death's hands
a miracle must have happened
'cause I came back up gasping for air
the grains of sand that I swallowed were
searing my lungs with pain I could not bear
I was lucky enough to make it to the last block
but as I was approaching the door ahead of me
I stepped on dozens of sharp rocks
my feet were oozing with blood
I was holding in my tears
inside I was sobbing silently
secretly masking my fears
in excruciating agony I reached
my hand out to open the door
there was an emerald light shining and in amazement
the puddles of excitement from my eyes began to pour
so I walked towards this light
and up the stairway of reflections
then a hand guided me into this room where I could bask
in my deepest and darkest confessions
there I was standing in a circle of crimson flames
now was the time to let my soul go untamed
the lights flickered on and all I could see
was an unmistakable reflection of a young and troubled me
I could see the pain in his eyes
the stress in his chest
I could feel the scars on his heart
together they form a crest
in the shape of an S
due to the trauma he once experienced from the flying bullets
for lack of wearing a bullet proof vest
oh the agony there was no way to annul it
my reflection lifted his finger
and he pointed to me
which was something that I shockingly
could not believe
he smiled, winked
then he burst into flames
the mirror cracked and the glass shards came flying
aiming straight for my brain
in the nick of time I ducked
then the lights went out
to my surprise a bright, white light
was piercing through my stones of doubt
another hand reached out to me
it said 'come with me you must'
I gladly accepted this breathtaking journey
and the corpses of my demons faded to dust
© 2010 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)

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