Lethal Injection
I've been getting quite a bit of insults from a bunch of know it alls to come out of their shells I'm surprised they had the balls right now they think they're standing tall but they won't be once I weaken their knees with my words and force them to fall after all they were the first ones to make the call now they wanna hide up in the corner of a room afraid to face this embarrassment prior to their already impending doom and to add insult to injury I'll just fling poo at them like baboons assholes come out of your cacoons you knew this was gonna happen sooner or later gators stop being such chronic masturbators I'll throw yo ass up and down like an elevator unlike a now and later I'm sour like a sour patch kid I'll knock the wind out of ya with a hard kick to the ribs coming to my page and telling me that I'm telling fibs that's outrageous I don't lie except for when I'm writing fiction of which I have a very strong addiction I guess you could call it repetition with a different twist each time because I carefully think before I put together each line and make sure that these lines properly define the topic that I'm writing about which is currently on how I'm having these feelings of doubt these haters make me feel depleted something like a drought but for all my haters I have love and affection and they'll all feel the warmth of it once they feel the painful, burning sensation from the connection of my lethal injection sticking straight up in their veins hard like an erection unlike a condom there ain't no protection I'm gonna deteriorate your entire body like the effect of full blown AIDS and if your lucky you might even get a raise straight up into heaven floating on the precious clouds in the sky I ain't gonna lie I look forward to the day when you bitches are gonna die and yes that was intentionally implied which is very rare because most of the time I happen to be very blunt I'll admit that sometimes I can be as harsh as the smell of a skunk or the fishy smell that lurks from an unwashed cunt it's time to say your goodbyes bitches because your ship has been sunk you're now six feet under the ground kerplunk!
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