I’ve Forgotten Who I Am
Sometimes it’s not easy being me
It’s more difficult than from what people see
I can barely crack a smile anymore
Or do something to make my life worthwhile
Every day I wake up feeling like shit and
I can never seem to lift this feeling
From my shoulders no not one bit
An invisible telekinetic has been secretly but forcefully
Bringing me to my knees controlling my every move
Stripping me of my physical independence
As I helplessly struggle to regain
The drive and determination that it takes
To hold on, to believe, to never give up the fight
Day in and day out I get this miserable feeling
That I’m worthless like I’m always being ignored
Like I’m a ghost just floating around
Scaring people away with every step that I take
They don’t even have to say it because
I can sense it in their body language
Intoxicating me as I am secondhand smoking it
Freezing me into a permanent ice block
At the end of every day I always seem to forget who I am
And what I’ve done to shape and redefine myself
The things that I’ve done to keep myself sane
I inject an enormous amount of effort into this
But I always end up with either a bad dosage
Or the wrong vaccination It’s like a Calculus equation
Hard to figure out but then reality hits
Helping me to remember who I really am
And how much of an inspiration I’ve become
Just like any other poet I have my own unique style of writing
And there will never be another me so this is the chance
To make the most of this special gift that The Lord has given me
But the next time I’m feeling out of my element
Or feeling like I hit rock bottom or lost my strength
I just have to reevaluate my thoughts and
Dig deep down inside myself to remember that
I am somebody
I am a poetic artist
I am an inspiration
I am a champion
I am full of determination
I am a rebel
I have desire
I have passion
I am a survivor
I am… me
© 2009 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)

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