Holy Jackass 3
I don't know where to go or which way to turn
you try to teach me but I'm resistant to learn
trying to convert me by burning scripture into my mind
to pretend that I'm possessed I just don't have the time
just 'cause I refuse to get plugged you assume I hate God
that's why you always catch me in the corner with my iPod
with the music on blast blocking all this bullshit from my ears
get out of my head and stop trying to cage me with fear
you say offensive things yet you reassure me it's not out of tribulation
this is why I often seclude myself in long periods of segregation
without a care you launch verbal missiles but they're sugar coated
if the Lord saw this you would be instantly demoted
inside I was suffocating from the unbearable weight
and you just made things worse by throwing all my hope out the gate
do you know how many times suicide was crossing my mind that night?
oh I forgot you were too busy laughing in delight
how you gonna tell me that dying is what's best?
you're like a fly buzzing in my ear I'll swat ya you little pest
is this really a matter of fate or is this what you want?
quit beating around the bush be real and keep it blunt
you're like a severe thunderstorm complete with heavy rain
if you think I'm gonna get soaked you're mentally insane
from your body language I'm not receiving a very good vibe
in my eyes I see it as just another sneaky bribe
it's like you're discoloring my vision all I see is black and white
and quite frankly it angers me to the point that I can't sleep at night
extinguishing my bulb of light destroying it's perfect shape
as I'm choking on the toxic gas of your words oh wow that's great
I guess you expect me to listen to you even if what you say is pure crap
but in the back of my mind I'm thinking shut the fuck up and lick my sack
my point being if you can't say nothing nice then say nothing
you laugh like it's a joke but trust me homie I ain't bluffing

By Glenn McCrary

© 2010 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)

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