Holy Jackass 2
Just when you thought I was gone
I suddenly come back for round two
Honestly I don’t see nothing wrong with people
Not wanting to be as holy as you
Forcefully installing God’s word in my mind
Relax I’ll come to the Lord when I need him I’ll be fine
Just give me some time this is not up for discussion for I have become resistant to your suction ‘cause unfortunately it seems to be consistent so I’m putting an end to it through combustion and nothing that you say or do will ever change the fact that you are constantly on my back shoving the bible down my throat similar to a woman deep throating an artichoke yeah you have a knack for provoking my uvula with enough force for me to vomit directly into your lap because of my indigestion it’s hard for me to digest like the worms inside of a bird’s digestive tract well mister I got five words you can come and shave my sack ha ha it’s hard to adapt yeah well now you know how I feel I’m just trying to get shit off my chest and to let you know what is real but seriously I don’t feel like dealing with the effects of these spiritual prescription pills resulting from getting high off of the word personally I think it’s all just totally absurd like the possibility of the revenge of the nerds that ain’t happening I’m not ready for that yet kinda like a virgin having sex strictly to win a bet I’m protected by freedom of speech to censor me you don’t have the right see I’mma continue living my life you don’t have to like me if you think that what you’re saying is getting to me that’s highly unlikely ‘cause I’ll slice right through your ass like a knife yeah a killer I might be but despite your negative criticism I still continue to push on so bite me
© 2009 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)

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