Hallucinations Of A Ghostly Valentine

Yet another year has come of which I can't compare
once again I'm stuck without a valentine with no one left to spare
in a corner from across the room I just sit and stare
at all of the happy couples smooching everywhere
my soul is concealed I'm reluctant to bear any more
for fear of rejection and all other consequences in store
don't waste your time knocking 'cause the door to my heart is locked
don't stress yourself out talking you might panic and go into shock
unless some lucky lady finds the key I'll forever remain in solitude
maybe these women have weak stomachs they can't down solid food
the feeling is mutual my eyes would puke by the sight of seeing them nude
fine if they're gonna be that way then fuck them
they can take both of my testicles and suck them
I'm on drugs anyway that's why I'm having hallucinations
of women standing and laughing it's just my imagination
my feelings are on the verge of becoming extinct
maybe it's my stress speaking through my river of ink
I don't even know but it just hurts me to think
if I could hold a beautiful woman in my arms
not for a second I'd blink but unfortunately
I just float around aimlessly like a fallen leaf
it's not crucial to kiss I'm not under a wreath
guess I should cancel my dentist appointment
there are no cavities in my teeth nor will there be any
boxes of pills sugar I've got plenty
how many valentines have I had? not very many

By Glenn McCrary

© 2010 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)

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