Glow In The Dark
Her words burn like flames
flickering with flare
they are like abundant supplies of oxygen
filling our lungs with air
striking us so powerfully
making us forget about our hell raising foes
healing our wounds and ridding us
of our self proclaimed woes
as soft as the petals
of a single red rose
shining upon us like a camera flash
quick strike a pose!
the meanings behind her poems are
deep, unique and intensified
leaking with so much truth that
you'd be a fool to deny
like an amazon warrior princess
she always stands strong
fighting for what she believes in
with the Lord on her side she can't go wrong
in the garden of poetic truth is
where she rightfully belongs
releasing verses so calm and mellow
like smoke rising out of bongs
and with her you don't need
a GPS to find her path
through her heart she'll find you
but the feeling you have to grasp
in similarity to an equation to find the answer
you have to do the math
she's a puzzle place in the missing piece
to complete the task
such a loyal friend she is
she'll be your side through thick and thin
even when the world makes you feel
dizzy and weak putting your head up in a spin
she'll be your shoulder to cry on when wild beasts
attack you with their ignorance
then later confront them draining them
of their falsely proclaimed innocence
what they even do it for
doesn't make any sense
but I guarantee that they haven't tried
to mess with her again ever since
like a fallen angel
a gift from God she was heaven sent
to comfort us in our time of need
and off of our shoulders dust the piling lint
serenading us with songs
from her books of peace and love
swimming in the rivers of our minds like swans
the view is so beautiful you just can't get enough
and just like a Starburst fruit chew
she's sticky and sweet
I think I have a cavity but she's the dentist
who is repairing my teeth
she likes to play with the boys
attracted to a lot of rough sports
what kind you ask
sports of all sorts
like a paintbrush to a canvas
she paints for us remarkable pictures
she does it because she loves it
not to be reimbursed
that would totally kill the feeling
putting us all in hearses but
she revives and protects us from
the fatalities of evil curses
can somebody please tell us
just who this lovely nurse is
that's medicating us with the ink
of her soul healing verses
she also loves to draw and
from within her drawings emotions perspire
with ferociously devastating attractiveness
that was designed to inspire
Lord please guide us to this beautiful goddess
she knows that she's great but
She is just being modest
but I'm just being honest
all the excessive dirt on our hearts
she just magically seems to polish
lifting up our spirits and our pain
she happily abolishes
a shining star she is
in the night skies of the United Kingdom
by following the ink trails of her words
we'll find our way to limitless freedom

*Dedicated To Stephanie a.k.a. FreedomFinder*
By Glenn McCrary

© 2010 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)

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