Fake People
Fake people
Are people that are not real
They always try to deceive you
And make you think that they are the real deal
With fake people
You can never see the light
Because when you are staring into their eyes
It's always dark and never bright
Fake people are like mirrors
You can see right through them
They are always lying to you
But you already know it's a scam
Fake people are always trying
To be something that they are not
But when you get a good look at them
You realize that they don't look no where near as hot
Fake people think
That they gain a reputation
But in my eyes
They are an embarrassment to the entire nation
They are always trying to convince you
To believe who they say they are
But a fake person can't fool me
Because I'm way too smart
Fake people waste time
But they never pay attention to the time that they are wasting
Only because their minds are always racing
They are always trying to impress you
With things that you never notice
But you wouldn't be impressed
Even if you noticed
People don't like to be lied to
So I think it's better to tell the truth
And to let people see you for the real you
You have a chance
To be a leader of the pack
And I don't think that things
Can get any better than that
Fake people think
That they can lie to get what they want
But what they want
Doesn't accept false identity
All that they ask for
Is an ounce of simplicity
Fake people think that when people tell them the truth
That they are the enemy
But all they are trying to do
Is mold you into the person they know you can be
Because deep down inside
I know the real you is a star
And I think that it's time for the fake you
And the real you to depart
Trust me
You don't want to go down that road
Because people
Don't have to be rocket scientists to know
That a fake person is living in our society
Lucky for us real people
That we have a variety
Fake people think that they are being real
But there is no real way to be fake
Maybe that will teach them
To put some thought into the decisions that they make
I always try to be me
And nobody else
Because if I did
It would be very easy for you to tell
Sometimes fake people
Are hard to believe
And they never realize
What the real person within them can achieve
You should rise
From underneath all that clutter
Because there is only one you
And there will never be another
And so the lesson here
Has been discovered
To never become a fake
Or you will suffer

By Glenn McCrary

© 2008 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)


frederic   frederic wrote
on 6/5/2009 1:17:17 AM
You prefer people to be in touch with their feelings. Have you read Father Powell's "Why Am I Afraid to Tell You Who I Am?" You might be gratified to hear also that I've written a poem exactly like this. It isn't posted, though. I can find the title, if you like. Very good poem.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 6/5/2009 12:44:20 AM
You have quite a dislike for fakes and i agree with you. The old song "Smiling Faces" comes back to mind. I like that you spoke truthfully and I hope that all the fake people read this and take to heart.

writing GlennMcCrary
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