Electric Love Letter

Things were going so well everything was just fine
unless I've been mistakenly blind there have been
countless times when you've told me that you loved me
and like a fool I believed you until that dreadful day that
I received that letter I swear upon my life that letter has
placed a curse blended together from a mixture of anger,
confusion, indecision and possibly boredom however it still
haunts me to this day how could she do this to me? what have
I done? I thought I was her knight in shining armor I thought I
was the piece that completed her puzzle I swear that ever since
I read that letter my life hasn't been the same at the point in time
that I was reading this letter I thought that I was gonna puke
my heart out because my throat was swelling up I couldn't help it
I was getting all choked up inside and like lightning in a thunderstorm
she shocked me forever paralyzing me you'd think that the least she
could do was be my wheel chair but unfortunately I was left without support
my eyes are still sore from the painful and nearly fatal electrocution they've
had to endure no matter how hard I try to fight it I can't deny the fact
that I will forever be scarred I can't believe that I've lost the battle to making
this relationship work I can barely make sense of it all because it all happened
in a blur so fast that I didn't even have time to comprehend it and compared to a
calculus class the students have it easy because I still haven't solved my equations
the deadline says they are due tomorrow I might as well accept my failure with pride
because I'll never be able to find the answers for they are buried deep under the sand
in the scorching hot deserts of Egypt so deep that not even a metal detector could find
them she was one of those diamonds that were rare and hard to find I was lucky enough to
be able to enjoy all of the rewarding benefits of her love 'Darling we were engaged by an unbreakable romantic bond but somehow some way you found a way to sever it with the blades of your eyes; baby I could never hate you it's just your harmful ways that I despise.'

By Glenn McCrary

© 2010 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)

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