Black Magic

I am not an angel nor am I a devil I dwell upon the surface in between
to get my revenge on you I have never been so keen ya see I'm an evil
sorcerer here to blast you to smithereens so that you can feel the sting
of the pain that I bring to separate your realities from your dreams I am
gonna do so much more harm to you more harm than you can handle
feel the burn of my wrath like the flame upon a candle don't get too close
'cause with the simple movements of my hands I can easily possess you
with my criminal ghosts raping you of all control twisting and bending your body
as if you were a contortionist into the form of a human cube it's almost as if
you're my puppet on strings with your every move being watched I've dug up
and picked the locks of your buried treasure gaining access to the treasure maps of all your devilish plots marking me as the x on the spot well it ain't happening today sweetheart you're my slave now I can make you do whatever I want there's no escape
you are forever trapped in my prison and I guarantee you that tonight there is some liquid
that is going to be shed oh yes some liquid that only comes in the color of crimson
I'm telling you I can make your life a living nightmare ten times worse than the ones
that you have in your sleep you painted the picture very clearly so a death wish is
obviously what you seek it's too late for repentance you will now be serving the penalty
as my art canvas I will use my knife as the paint brush to carve my masterpiece into the
smooth and delicate texture of your skin painfully slicing you with the edges of my blade
as you scream and cry a river of salty tears out of sorrow and rightfully deserved agony
you knew this was coming oh yes you knew that I was gonna come back with a vengeance behind your back and right over your shoulder with a psychotically seductive
whisper to a scream you knew that if you resisted that I was gonna rape you with my ax chopping through your fragile wood forcing you to fall to your knees wishing that there was something that you could do to make me change my mind or to make me carefully reconsider but this is what I wanna do now excuse me as I shatter your frame into thousands of pieces don't worry your fumes won't pollute my lungs for they are immune to your toxins therefore leaving nothing further to discuss

By Glenn McCrary

© 2010 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)

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