A Taste Of Your Own Medicine
Nigga you just mad 'cause ya writing style makes you look like a faggot get glad and stop acting like a douche bag you waste eating maggot I'll play a song on the violin because your feeble attempts seem tragic to refrain from criss crossing yo ass like tic tac toe with this word playing magic you try so hard to be better than us but the style you just can't seem to match it and it makes no sense for you to act like a rabbit hopping around nibbling on the roots of our carrots nigga that's a bad habit now tell me what gives you the right to call us bad writers especially me out of all people like a lighter I'll light yo ass on fire my nigga we ain't equal I thought we were tight like some brand new pussy but I was wrong you're oh so deceitful you can rule out the possibility of a resurrection 'cause there ain't gonna be a sequel even if we were to hold an election you're voting percentage would be slimmer than a weasel because I got the poetic force behind me bitch and unlike Edward Cullen I'm a lot more shiny motherfuck the sparkles I ain't tryna be whiny but test me and I'll have your fingers and toes shipped to the morgue in a parcel ya getting on my fucking nerves man I'm starting to think you're a narcissist talking about all this art shit I was like man who the fuck is this? When I aim I hit the target I never seem to miss her the bullet flies like bim bam pow right in the kisser mister I don't appreciate how you try to differentiate when ya mind is so vague that you couldn't even see a fucking plague that's me I'm in my zone nigga flying higher than a kite when I get angry I blow up like dynamite listen you couldn't even relate to these words homie alright don't put your finger in my face 'cause I won't hesitate to bite
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