The Race

The Race

The major event of 2012 for Jill and Simon wasthe Olympics as both are sports mad and very completive, their favourite eventby far is the 100 metres and Usain Bolt is Simon’s man of the moment.

“That was a fantastic run by Bolt” said Simon “youbet did you see how fast he was going” replied

Jill, later that day Simon asked Jill  “how about a sprint race of our own you verseme” “ why not I’m game anyway it’s about time l won one” “ you’ve got no chancel always win”“ l think this is my time, let’s go and prepare meet in tenminutes at the usual spot”.

The pair went their separate ways to get ready,what Simon didn’t know was that Jill had put a drug into his drink earlier thatwas supposed to slow him down, the thought made her smile.

“You ready for another second place” he laughed“just get in to position loser” she replied.

“On your marks ...get set...GO” they both wentat it flat out arms and legs powering away, Jill glanced at Simon and could seethe sweat starting to run down his face, and knew she must be sweating as well butpushed on she had to win this time.



The Race

Five seconds into the race both competitorswhere up to speed breathing rhythmically.

Six seconds in, breathing becoming hardermuscles starting to burn they both push on.

Seven seconds gone, lactic acid now kicking instill they speed on regardless.

Eight seconds have now past arms and legspumping like steam engine pistons.

Nine seconds Jill now knows she cannot keep upwith Simon and he senses it.

“Yes Yes I’m there beat you again” shouts Simongrinning from ear to ear, both body’s are now dripping with sweat and the pairare gasping for air.  Jill looked at Simon and shook her head, so much forthat slowing down drug she thought, Simon looked at his watch “9.80 seconds that’sgot to be a record” Jill could not believe it his fastest time yet.

Simon could not help but gloat and to add insultto injury he now did the Usain Bolt pose, then taking a power stance with hislegs splayed with his fists on his hips and staring somewhere off into thedistance he posed for some imaginary camera’s, Jill was sure that in Simon'smind he was wearing a cape that was blowing gentle in the wind and had SM onhis chest like his other hero Superman.

“I told you l would win it was a foregoneconclusion nobody but nobody can orgasm faster than Captain Come Quick” Jilljust shook her head second again one day Simon one day she thought.

Elton4562   Elton4562 wrote
on 8/26/2013 6:57:34 PM
Yep, it wasn't the ending I was expecting! I have had trouble with those document instructions showing up and detracting from what I post, but found that the following prevents it: Always put the title of the write FIRST. (Delete the words already in that space) Then when you paste into the place for the body of the material, the problem won't appear. I can't guarantee it will work for you, but it does for me. I don't know what accounts for the deletion of spaces between words that you seem to be experiencing. This procedure might eliminate that problem also. Elton

Short Story
writing George_G_George
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The Race is a short fun story I hope you like the twist at the end
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Have fun reading it