Drugs for Danni

Drugs for Danni


Pete looked down at the young girl sleeping andwished there was another way but there wasn’t, this was the only way, he wassure she would understand when she was older, but that would be a bridge tocross in the future. “Danni time to get up,” he said, then left the room.

Danni stirred as Peteleft. Five minutes later he returned to her bedroom with tea and toast, “Wakeywakey sleepy head, time to get up.”

Danni yawned, “It’s too early, Dad.”

“No it’s not, come on Danni, up and at ‘em.”

“Just a few more minutes please.”

“Okay, but no more, and don’t let your toastget cold.” Pete went back downstairs,the thought of what he had to do today made him sick to his stomach. Forcingthe rising bile back down his throat he looked out of the window. The view wascrap from his rented flat, but it wasn’t for much longer, after today all thatwould change if his plan worked.

Danni came into the lounge and broke histrain of thought. He ruffled her hair, “Morning sleepy head.” She rubbed hereyes and went and sat in front of the TV. Petesat opposite, neither saying anything.

It was Danni who broke the silence, “Do Ihave to go, Dad?”

Pete blew lightly out of his nose, “You know youdo, we’ve discussed this a hundred times, Danni,” said Pete,trying not to appear afraid. Danni was about to say something else but her dad’sface indicated the discussion was over. Pete’smobile went off. He looked at the screen then left the room to answer it, “Iknow, I understand. £10,000 by the end of play today or else. You’ll have yourmoney don’t worry.” The phone went dead. He knew what would happen if he failedto deliver. Danni was the key to his future now. Petenoticed his hands were shaking. So close, “Don’t balls it up now,” he toldhimself. Putting his hands in his pockets so Danni wouldn’t notice them shakinghe went to the kitchen to wash up the dishes from last night’s macaroni cheese.

“You alright, Dad?” Danni asked.

“Fine, just fine, you know how I hate a mess.”She smiled. Danni loved being with her dad, it was so much better than at Mum’splace. “Come on you, in the shower, I’m not having you smelling bad today,soapy.” Danni giggled and ran for the bathroom with Petehot on her heels making like a zombie monster.

While Danni showered Petesat down and ran through what he had to do today; meet in the park, hand overDanni, pick up £10,000 for the drugs then leave ASAP.

Pete packed her bag, not wanting to be held uplater. He had sold many things in his life, and as far as most people wereconcerned he was a wheeler dealer, the proper cockney wide boy, buy and sellanything, but this had to be the lowest thing he had ever done. He swore he’dnever do anything like this, there was a line you didn’t cross and now he wasabout to do just that, the one thing he thought he would never sell.

His guts churned over and over, so much so hefelt sick. Feeling the bile rise again Peteswallowed hard to keep it down, not much longer he thought just keep your shittogether.

“Soap’s done,” she called.

“Put your happy face,” on he told himself, hehoped she’d understand.

As Danni came out of the bedroom Pete said to himself, “What a cracker, worth everypenny and then some.”

Danni gave him her best big puppy eyes, “Do Ihave to go, Dad?”

Pete spread his hands out wide, “Come on Danni,please give me a break here.” All the hope drained from her face and Pete hated himself even more now, was he doing theright thing or was there another way?

There wasn’t and he knew it, this was it thebest he could do, if it worked he was in the clear, home free, if not then onlya violent end awaited him, drug dealers show no mercy.

“Happy face Pete, happy face, come on,” hetold himself yet again, “how about a Maccy D’s before we get there?” hoping itwould smooth the exchange over.

“Okay, if you want,” she replied.

Smiling he said, “It’s not what I want, it’swhat you want,” but he already knew what the reply to that would be.

“I want to stay with you,” but he chose notto answer her.

They left and headed for Maccy D’seach wrapped in their own thoughts. The meal went the same way, and the closerit got to the exchange time the harder it got for Pete.

The park was pretty empty for this time ofthe day, just a few young mums pushing their buggies and an old couple feedingthe birds, no one took any notice of the two of them. Petestopped under a large oak tree, looked down at Danni and smiled, “You do as you’retold and don’t give any lip,” she nodded in reply, “it’ll be fine you’ll see.”

“No it won’t, he’ll hurt me like before.”

“Don’t be silly, it won’t happen again,” but Pete couldn’t look her in the eyes and lie to heranymore. Desperate to change the subject he pointed out a dog chasing a ballthrown by its owner, “Wow, look how fast he’s running.”

“Can we have a dog one day, Dad?”

“Maybe Danni, let’s wait and see.” He couldsee the disappointment on her face and hated it, “tell what, you go with themand I’ll see what I can do, how’s that?”

“Promise?” she whispered.

Crouching down so he could be at eye level toher he replied, “When this is all over you can have whatever puppy you want.”Danni looked unsure, her dad had made promises to her before and not kept hisword, not that she would ever say that to him.

A car horn sounded twice, it was their signal.Pete looked up and saw the white BMWdrive slowly down the road and started off towards it. The car came to a halt. Pete had Danni’s hand in his and could feel herholding back, “Dad, I want to go home.”

“No, you have to go Danni.”

“Dad please, I don’t want to, please.”

Pete’s heart was beating so fast he thought itmight explode inside his chest. Focusing on the number plate only he draggedher over to the car. He knew that they had strange sexual preferences but forthe moment that was not a concern. The woman in the front seat never eventurned to look at the scene playing out next to her. The driver’s door openedand the man got out. He and Pete staredat each other not saying a word, the driver took a brown envelope from hisjacket pocket and handed it to Petewho in return handed Danni to him.

“Daddy, please Daddy,” she cried.

The driver opened the back door and roughlypushed her in. Pete reacted instantlygrabbing the driver by the throat, “Touch her like that again and I’ll kill you.”

Breaking free the driver smiled, “You gotyour money now piss off.” For a moment there was a Mexican standoff before Pete turned slowly, not looking back at Danni, andwalked away.

The big BMW pulled away and Pete watched it go. Letting out a big sigh he turnedand headed back the way he had come. The BMW turned right out of the park andheaded south. A few moments later the sound of sirens could be heard and twopolice cars roared passed in the direction of the BMW.

The old couple who had been feeding the birdslooked up as Pete walked by, “You okay,love?” she asked, but Pete kept onwalking.

“Was he crying?” asked the old man.

“I think so,” answered his wife.

Pete kept on moving, What they didn’t knowwas that his tears were not of sadness but tears of joy, today was Sunday, thecourt case was set for Monday. Petesmiled then looked at the two keys in his hand, one was for a BMW and the otherwas a garage key. It had taken ages to plan, selling the BMW at a ridiculouslylow price he knew would attract them. Their greed was going to be theirdownfall. His ex-wife, and now ex-best friend had taken the bait hook, line andsinker .Tossing the keys into the air Petecaught them. He was now grinning from ear to ear, it had taken some time to getinto their garage and place the cocaine in the boot of the BMW, neatly hiddenand packaged up ready to sell. “Let’s see you talk your way out of this one,”he said out loud. Spotting a drain Petewalked over and dropped the two keys into it as he passed. It was he who hadtipped off the police, but the cherry on the top was the Tesco receipt he hadplaced in the bag two weeks ago. Even though he had been the previous owner ofthe car, for the last three months it been in the hands of his ex-wife and hisex-best friend.

Closing the front door to his flat Pete sat down, taking a few minutes to let his underhandedachievements sink in. He’d done it, a so called no hoper by his ex-wife he’ddone them both. Now all he had to do was wait for the phone call he knew wouldcome. As Danni’s father he would be the one the police had to call to lookafter her while her mother and her boyfriend were being arrested.

Pete had to sound really surprised when he gotthe call, “What, drug dealing? You’re joking right?”

“No Sir, I’m afraid not, can you come andtake charge of your daughter?”

Now he tried to sound shocked, “Yes Officer,I’ll come straight away.”

Driving down to the police station a thoughtcame into Pete’s mind, when they had split up she had taken the house becauseshe had gotten custody of Danni, but now when he got to court tomorrow and itwas revealed that his ex-wife had been arrested on a drug dealing charge, hemay well get the house as well as Danni, what a bonus. Not that he had set outto get the house, but he wouldn’t say no to the judge that’s for sure. It doesnot pay to shit on your own door step, he thought.

The next day saw Peteand Danni leaving court hand in hand with smiles a mile wide, “Maccy D’s?”

“Yeah, can we get that puppy now, Dad?”

“You bet we can.”

Danni laughed and danced all the way to thebottom of the stairs outside the court house. Petefound himself skipping down them as well, her happiness was infectious, “Whatyou going to call this puppy of yours Danni?”

“What do you think? Maccy D’sof course.”

“You’re weird, you know that?” and the two happiestpeople in the world headed for the town center.

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Pete has to get £10,000 to a drug dealer or he was dead, taking Danni his Daughter to the drop off point and pick up his £10,000 was not going to be easy. there was a line he thought he'd never cross until now.
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