some thoughts on the beach .

 Dear Romeo ,

Jack is one and you’re many ones . Everyday I start to believe that everything is possible , thinking about you in every breath I take  standing in front of the beach I think about the osbtacles that people have to do to get what they want , blue is my color I thought it will be one of your qualities , blue eyes , but I think if I start to follow those qualities I ‘ll not find you .

I found the first one that he’s having  an  audition to get into my life   , but no blue eyes , so what shall I do ?I’m still searching for his qualities , looking deeply into his eyes if I see light into it or not , hearing his voice and trying to reconize his heart melody , enjoying his smile and trying to understand all the seacrets behind it .

The truth will send me free , yes the truth about him , the fact that he’ s not a lie ,  Romeo is an art and art is hard to exist , so existing hir is a lie … What if he exist ? I have to make sure that perfection doesn’t exist … But what if he is perfect ? ..

Sometimes  I lose faith in you and I start to beg for you to let my heart go and sometimes I enjoy my life adventure searching for you , I enjoy the moments in this adventure , I fall for people that I met .

When I was younger I thought that you’ll come to me with your white horse  but now I grow up and I start to believe that nothing will come the way you like  … You have to search , work , think , love , hate , enjoy , like , fall , stand , run , walk , ..

Romeo , I’ll tell you about the first one , he’s funny cute , there’s no art in him , he only create it with his smile … everything around us is an art ..

To smile is an art , to cry is an art , to hate is an art and to love is the greatest art I saw ..

He’s not my art , he’s the art that he created with  both his hand , he believes in second chance and never regrets the missing chances , he smile to the sky when it’s sunny , he loves the beauty of the beach … he only enjoys everything and he gaves me this theory ” everything is an art , we don’t create we find and when we create we fall in love with what we did .. we are the artist of our life  ”

This is the first theory I get Romeo , I’m still searching everyday , don’t worry I will not stop till I get you …

Now I know One thing that everything is possible you only need to do it right .”


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Short Story
writing Fatoum
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