In my dreams .

” I never believed in forever , but in the dark street  when the moon is full , I believed in forever , forever was in his eyes when I saw him , I saw my eyes in his  . Alone in the street I heared a  symphony, I searched for the source then I found the source was my heart . It’s different when I saw him, I forgot all I wrote about and I rememebered all on the same time , it’s like a new person in front of me , standing smiling to me ,   it’s the moment that I’ve waited for thousand years , it’s the moment that I’ve always lived in my unlimited imagination . Even  it was dark everything seemed to me bright and light up by his presence , his presence was so srong to believe it , I took my first step toward him shaking , in the moment when he took my hand , I was as happy as Cinderella was when she went to party to see her charming prince , my mind flew away into the darkness  my heart danced and  my soul singed.. He took my hand and  danced me till the end of love  .

- What shall I call you now Rose or Juliette !

- Choose what can fit this moment ..

- This moment can be onlymade by the charm of Romeo and the beauty of Juliette under the electric light of the street mixed with the light of mother nature .

- So let it be only for Romeo and Juliette , I’ve waited for you .

- Here I’ve come  .. I’m not a good dancer but I knew that you always dreamed of the dance of love so learn how to dance , I  didn’t want to screw our first meeting , forgive me if I missed some steps..

- No it’s all right , everyone can dance , the love inside you make you do anything you never done ..

We continued our dance , we kept chatiing then it’s time :

- Juliette , it’s time to go ..

- Where ? I’ll never let you go .. No you can’t

- Listen , if you want to meet me wait till the moon is full , when every one is sleeping , when only true lover stay awake to feel love , when you smell flower from far , when you hear music in the air , when you taste every star in the sky .. Try to remember us now and in a second I’ll be on your side ..

- Romeo , don’t …

- I need to Juliette .. Remember our love is like wind you can’t see it but you can feel it .

He left my hand , then I woke up on my sister scream  , all was perfect I took my pen and wrote ” Dear Romeo , what if reality is a dream and the dream is reality and when we die we woke up ? !  I had that dream about you that you came hir , love was in that air , eyes in the sky looking for the love’s star , hearts beating for each others , smiles on faces , hand to hand  .. we took our walk all long the street alone  talking and talking we didn’t get tired at all , when the sun is going to rise all is gone  .. I realise that you only exist when it’s dark , when  it’s calm ,  ..

But I will always remember our walk under the moon  , you made me believe that God have for me bigger plans that I have to myself , you made me believe that life like Choclat so delicious but sometimes it have a strong taste , you made me believe in the beauty of the darkness , in the beauty of the moon , in the beauty of love … I lay down on my bed with too much if and what if  trying to organize my ideas but I couldn’t .. I walked down the streets when it’s night just the same as you described that night ..

Silence , then I felt something more than a wind , I felt your presence next to me , on my own pretending you’re next to me I took an other walk to remember that dream …

Romeo, it’s like  you changed me in a better way and you were right our love is like a wind I can’t see it but sure I can feel it ”


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