Who Knows What Evil Lurks Within

Who Knows What Evil Lurks Within


By Elton Camp

When a vicious serial killer does arise,

It takes the community by total surprise

The people living there had felt secure

That such would never, ever come near

They didn’t need to lock doors at night

To welcome all visitors was their delight

It was nothing to walk down a dark street

And give a greeting to all they might meet

They thought they lived in a virtual paradise

And everyone in town was so extremely nice

“This man must be some sort of raging maniac

Passing through and living down by the track.”

The over confident killer finally made a mistake

Then for the authorities that was all it did take

They very quickly got on the criminal’s track

And soon led him off, handcuffs behind his back

The one arrested, people found so hard to believe

He lived in their midst and managed to deceive

It was a man who had grown up in that very town

Astonished faces of citizens were seen all around

The teacher said, “Why, yes, I remember Tom well.

There’s not one bad thing about him that I can tell.”

For as long as the folks in the town could remember

Of the local church he had been a faithful member

He seemed so normal it was beyond anyone’s belief

That a nice man like Tom could bring so much grief

Looking back, he was seen as a loner and a bit odd

But he had managed to maintain a respectable façade

What is in a person’s mind is quite impossible to say

But in this case, it was powerful compulsion to slay

So it’s extremely cautious that everyone should stay

For we never know who it is our trust might betray

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Everyone was astonished that Tom was the killer.
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