When I Become King

When I Become King


By Elton Camp


Note:  This poem contains a challenge

to writers. 


As soon as ruler I am crowned,

Many changes will come around

Peace or cancer cure I won’t say

As no king could do that anyway


But when I have such royal power,

Annoying folks in fear will cower

Of such folly, I’ll remove every trace

And make the world a better place


Politicians are not permitted to lie

If they’re no longer seen, that’s why

Those who force others hands to shake

To prison, guards will promptly take


Store clerks who to customers are rude

Will go to the jail cell that’s most crude

Those who let their irksome dog bark

Houses with a scarlet “D” I’ll mark


And no person will again come to dare

To assume others their opinions share

The waiter will be flogged who tries

To call any café customers “you guys”


The cop who hides behind a road sign

Will be fired or perhaps allowed to resign

Telemarketers will hunting other jobs

In my kingdom there’ll be no such slobs


Folks who fill sentences with “You know”

Back to school they will be required to go

Televangelists who claim for God to speak

Are required to prove it or be up the creek


Those over twenty who shorts do wear

A most costly fine they will have to bear

Those who abuse kids, the king enrage

And will be thrown into the lion’s cage


This incomplete list shows things too few

Assume you are king and tell what to do

Write a poem and post it on this site

Then others can judge if you’re right


Make it serious or funny as you will

Have fun or your guts you can spill

So to all those writers who are out there

Please accept this challenge if you dare

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This poem contains a challenge to writers.
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