The Foreclosure

The Foreclosure


By Elton Camp


It might seem odd or funny

A house to buy without money.

My job is not stable

To save I’ve been unable.


Such talk I truly hate.

It’s no reason to wait.

Should I pay rent,

I lose all I have spent.


No small house will do for me.

Bedrooms four, bathrooms three.

Though it may be quite a while

Before we plan to have a child.


My house must surely stand

In an area new and grand.

And have every feature

Though I am a new teacher.


My wife is no disgusting snob

Welcome to Wal Mart is her job.

Her hourly rate is very low,

But it sure helps cash flow.


Loan officer with a smile

Welcomes in friendly style.

Approval is great for me

Means I get a bigger fee.


Money lack makes no frown.

You don’t need nothing down.

To make a loan I must.

You, I know I can trust.


Sign upon the dotted line.

Everything will be fine.

You are truly set

For a monthly debt.




Just don’t expect a treat

Or to have much to eat.

When the mortgage is due

Little will be left for you.


If you find the payment hard to make

Don’t think it’s been a mistake.

House prices always rise.

You can sell to other guys.


Before long came trouble

End of the housing bubble.

Increases came to a stop.

Selling price begins to drop.


Something happened that shouldn’t oughter.

We find ourselves very deep under water.

Of buyers there is a dearth

We owe more than it’s worth.


Many months we have got behind

The banker now is far from kind.

Give us exactly what you owe

Or out the door you will go.


Please don’t make such a fuss

A little mercy show to us.

Give us more time to pay

We’ll catch up some day.


I never thought that maybe

My wife would have a baby.

Surely even a banker jerk

Can’t expect her to work.


It just makes me very furious

To foreclose they are serious.

From the banker on the phone:

In thirty days you must be gone.








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