The City Council Leads the Way

The City Council Leads the Way


By Elton Camp


The leading citizens of our town.

Four are white and one is brown.

They are the ones who rule our city,

And try to keep it looking pretty.


Of  those who had the job before,

Not a single one serves any more.

All are new, due to last year’s shout,

“It’s now time to throw the bums out.”


Their enemies couldn’t deny, though,

They left the town rolling in dough.

With plenty of surplus in the bank,

Built before the economy did tank.


But when their terms of office did begin,

The time to punish enemy, reward friend.

Having some jobs they could dole out

Gave them a sense of power, no doubt.


“The status quo we aren’t going to keep.

It’s time that our city take a forward leap.

The downtown section must be revived.

It’s so run-down since the by-pass arrived.”


Most of the old stores now stand dark.

Litter and weeds fill the town’s park.

It’s actually time to tear it all down,

And make better use of the ground.


That it’s doomed, they refuse to admit.

Such talk with make them have a fit.

A bonanza.  That is the federal fund.

It pays part. So, projects have begun.


Utility lines they have taken down,

To be buried so neatly in the ground.

Though a familiar sight before,

Now we will see them no more.


The sidewalks they’ve made anew.

As if what was there wouldn’t do.

Concrete islands now jut out in the way.

To the motorists they bring such dismay.


A city up the road did the same years ago.

It proved a blunder and removed it though.

The fiasco didn’t help, not even a little bit.

From that experience they didn’t benefit.


The town’s revenue is in sharp decline,

But to spend so freely they don’t mind.

Now a deficit the town has to face.

Threatens to bring ruin and disgrace.


The city council met again last week.

For their woes some solution to seek.

Was late before the meeting was through.

The following is what they decided to do:







Welcome to our bustling little town.

It is one of the very best to be found.

Live here. Expect to see a knowing grin.

Anytime a council meeting does begin.



(Note:  Comedy only.  No certain city

is referenced here.  A composite of

many small towns’ experiences.)


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