The Banks of the Future

The Banks of the Future


By Elton Camp


Banks once welcomed our money’s free use

Accounts by new customers sought to induce

“Your business is valuable in our eyes.

For it we will give a toaster as a prize.”


Those days we will see no more.

Never will it be as it was before.

What they once provided free

Are now offered only for a fee


If you want to use our parking lot,

On your way out, put money in slot.

To learn what your balance may be

There is a matter of this little fee


If to a person you want to talk

Service fee won’t make you balk

We will turn your coins into bills

The charges give us such thrills


If you make a withdrawal today,

For that service you have to pay.

More checks we are happy to supply

But know well that them you must buy


Want to deposit your payroll check?

We’re glad to do.  What the heck?

Charge we make adds to our bottom line.

The bank will come out doing just fine.


Need to swap big bills for small?

We do not mind doing that at all.

But to make a charge is only fair

To expect it free, you do not dare.


Cash refund check from Uncle Sam?

For that service to pay is not any scam.

If checks you write are more than ten,

You must pay the service charge again.


If anyone calls to ask if your check is good,

To pay for that help we insist you should.

If you apply for a loan, there is application fee.

Surely you can’t expect to get such work free.


Then if your loan we decide to deny

Pay again because we made the try.

And for inactivity in any account

You must pay an additional amount


If a robber should come our way

Any loss you must help us pay

If our bathroom you should use

Payment of a fee you can’t refuse


To bring a pen you did not think?

Expect to pay if we supply the ink.

And to put money into a C.D.

There’s now a charge, you see.


Sit down in our lobby chair?

We think a payment is fair.

Place five dollars in the cup

When you use the drive-up


To our bank, glad you’ve come,

But no way can you be a bum.

For everything we do or say,

Only right that you should pay.

John_Drydin   John_Drydin wrote
on 7/3/2010 10:03:15 AM
I like this one it really speaks to those of us that have become disenchanted with comercialism. nice work elton

writing Elton4562

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