Publisher's Clearing House at the Door

Publisher’s Clearing House at the Door


By Elton Camp


Just a little hint to you we drop

Your house may be our next stop

It could so very likely, maybe, be

Prize for person with initials “EC”


Just in case, please do not neglect

To tell how this vast prize to collect

Want to get it all at one time?

Or over many years be fine?


Law makes us explain why

To win, there’s nothing to buy

But if with us you want to rate,

An order we would appreciate


Down endless pages to scroll

Amazing bargains we extol

Cannot through them quickly rip

Every item, check Accept or Skip


Failure to order treated like sin

Won’t you take a look again?

Will always take you to task

“Please reconsider,” we do ask


Think you might be through?

Up pops another page or two

This is a bonus chance to enter

Could just make you a winner


Featured partner has his say

Before you can get away

If you didn’t bite before

Here’s one chance more


When at your house we arrive

We will pull right up your drive

Rush up and ring your bell

The very good news to tell




For us, will be a job so grand

To place a check in your hand

You will experience joy extreme

Rich beyond your wildest dream


Please now, consider this, my friend

Million not enough, how about ten?

Be rich for the rest of your life

Freedom from all debt and strife


Your job you can quit today

Time for you to rest and play

Never more will you have to work

Nobody will say “Old lazy jerk.”


This will only be a starter

So says Mary Ann Carter

Local press we notify

Have them standing by


So expect to get calls on your phone

From everyone you’ve ever known

“Just had to congratulate you, honey,

Now that you got so much money.”


It is my earnest prayer

You’ll give me a share

Life to me has been so hard

My request, do not discard


Heavy burden I’m glad to relieve

More blessed to give than receive

Will come to visit right away

The best would be this very day


So you’ll know what you must do

Caller comes from Internal Revenue

“See here, you, now don’t you dare

Neglect to give Uncle Sam’s share


There seems no reason why

To PCH ads to fail to reply

Somebody’s going to win

So send it off once again



To enter sweepstakes is still fun

Though odds are a billion to one

Nobody I know has won a dime

Yet, continue to reply each time.

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