Obama on the Beach

Obama on the Beach


By Elton Camp


I’m here once again to take a look-see

At this thing they say was done by me

I suppose I will have to take the blame

Let enemies put a bad mark by my name


Like captain in his bunk taking a nap

When the ship hits reef, he is the sap

As if he could always be on the watch

In case others, their job should botch


Public expectation I have to complete

I’m in the kitchen, so I take the heat.

Some say I should have acted at once

If I had, would have called me a dunce


“Look at him rage and prance.

Didn’t give poor BP a chance.

He thinks he knows all things best.

Has all answers, more than the rest.”


All that is bad is credited to me.

But not what goes right, you see.

Because to help uninsured folk I dare

Program mockingly called “Obamacare.”


Campaign promise tried hard to keep

But price I am paying is awful steep.

Same way with the Gulf oil spill

If a single bird it happens to kill


“Rise up, Sir, give your brain a racking

To find the remedy that we are lacking,

Or sure as fate we will send you packing.”

As if it is from my own duty I am slacking.


I am doing about all that I can

Demanding from PB better plan

Telling them to find a way

For all the damages to pay


But since I am the one now at bat

Supposed to pull rabbit from hat

They who so sternly do me criticize

So far, nothing better can devise.


If any know the best way to go,

Let them speak up and tell us so.

Presidency can be a thankless endeavor

Will continue to do best I can, however


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The President on the spot.
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