Myths About Snakes

Myths About Snakes


By Elton Camp

As to snake myths, a good place to begin

Feel and see. They don’t have slimy skin

Not matter how many this fib have told,

They certainly aren’t slimy, but only cold

Though many believe, there’s no way how

A milk snake could possibly milk any cow

In a barn that type snake may well be found,

But that’s true even if there’s no cow around

A hoop snake can’t make a wheel to roll away

“But I’ve seen it,” the uninformed man will say

If they could do this, it surely would be great fun

When scared, like any other snake they will run

Another myth that need cause no iota of alarm:

Snakes can their victims hypnotize or charm

But when a dangerous snake does come near,

Some animals will “freeze” in the greatest fear

Here’s another story that is simply of no account:

Calculate a rattlesnake’s age by the rattler’s amount

Each rattle show the snake have lived another year,

That a rattle is left at each of many sheds is clear

It’s untrue that snakes in pairs will always be found

In the brief mating season is when the male is around

A snake’s “mate” never on its killer vengeance seeks

Another falsehood is what that particular myth speaks

In great danger any person may become embroiled

If he believe a snake can strike only when it’s coiled

Because that foolish belief most assuredly, isn’t right

The fact is, from any position a snake is able to bite

To believe this dangerous myth, you shouldn’t oughter

A cottonmouth is unable to bite if it is under water

How could a water snake possibly eat and survive,

If it couldn’t feed on fish and other snakes on a dive?

Another widespread belief that is quite a bad mistake:

Is that there is such a fragile creature as a glass snake

Though such an ability would be an interesting sight

If it could, when threatened, break apart and reunite

But if someone whom you know insists these are true,

There is actually not a great deal that you are able to do

The adage may apply: He who is persuaded against his will

Will almost certainly remain of the very same opinion still

P.S.  There is a legless lizard that looks like a snake except that

it has eyelids which no snake has.  It can break into three parts

when threatened, but can’t go back together.  The end with the

head may escape and later regenerate the missing parts. 

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Some common false beliefs about snakes.