Make It a True Daily Double, Alex

Make It a True Daily Double, Alex


By Elton Camp


Animals in groups claim

An entirely different name

On Jeopardy! they do know

Just how it’s supposed to go


To Albatross “rookery” applies

“Congregation” if alligator lies

Group of apes called a “troop”

Bacteria are “culture” in a group


Bats are a “colony” or a “cloud”

For buzzards, “wake” is allowed

Baby chicks are called a “clutch”

A “murder” of crows is too much


A group of clams we call a “bed”

But cobras are a “quiver” instead

Many roaches are an “intrusion”

A “lap” of cod causes confusion


Caterpillars groups “army” will be

Baby chicks are a “clutch,” you see

Many coyotes always run in a “band”

Crabs are a “cast” if they’re on land


Frogs are army, colony, or knot

Many falcons, a “cast” you got

Flamingo groups called a “stand”

Geese are a “gaggle” if on land


Geese in flight are called a “skein”

“Tower” and it’s giraffes we mean

Gnats in a group are called a “cloud”

If it’s goldfish, then “glint” is allowed


A bunch of doves constitute a “screech”

When you see a “pride,” lions you reach

Many hedgehogs are named an “array”

For hummingbirds, then “charm” we say


A big leopard group make up a “leap”

If a “cackle,” then it is hyenas we keep

Locusts, a “plague” if they come around

Lizards are a “lounge” if groups are found


A “mischief” we call a whole lot of mice

But strangely, “flock” describes many lice

A bunch of parrots a “company” constitute

A “barrel” are numerous monkeys so cute


And “chine” well describes the polecats

It’s a “swarm” when we see lots of rats

Squirrels in abundance make up a “dray”

Many spiders then it’s “cluster” we say


Scorpions live in either a “bed” or “nest”

But if it’s stingrays, then “fever” is best

A “rhumba” well describes rattlesnakes

Though for raccoons, “craze” it takes


Bunches of woodpeckers are a “descent”

But for a “crash” rhinoceroses are meant

English sparrows in a group are a “host”

If “bale,” then of turtle groups you boast


And vultures in mass make up a “venue”

“Pitying” and turtledoves are on the menu

Turkey bunches are “posse, gang or rafter”

“Route” and moving wolves you’re after


Although you might think that it’s not

Information like this may be worth a lot

If Alex Trebek should happen to say,

“Final Jeopardy is group names today.”

zaccats   zaccats wrote
on 11/29/2010 6:18:06 PM
Very clever use of words and images. I like the way the poem flows, and how you used the names of animal groups. Sincerely zaccat

Elton4562   Elton4562 wrote
on 11/29/2010 5:36:16 PM
Hey Timmy, All the group names are correct, including "barrel" for a group of monkeys. When you think about it, when would monkeys come in a literal barrel? But realize that there are other possible group names for some of the animals. Elton

writing Elton4562

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