Let All Be Warned

Let All Be Warned


By Elton Camp


            Be it here revealed that there exist among us prominent public figures who seem bent on corrupting our children by means of their conduct and lifestyle.   This wrong is being done in a manner so subtle and devious that it may escape detection by even the most careful and moral of parents.  These outrages have prevailed for some years so that they have come to be unrecognized for the evil that they are.  Impressionable children will emulate the examples set before them.  I call upon all right-minded persons to lift a standard against indecency, immorality and crime and to wipe this scourge from the face of our land.


            A prime example is a figure who is perhaps known to every man, woman, and child in the United States.  For convenience I shall refer to him as “DD.”  He has appeared countless times in public dressed in the most shocking manner.  He is clad only in cap and shirt.  From the waist downward, his body is openly exposed to all onlookers.  Has he no shame!  Such obscene garb is consistent with his relationship with his sweetheart and three so-called nephews who resemble him as closely as any father and sons in all of history.  The boys, equally improperly attired, live in a home with “DD’s” girlfriend and he is a regular visitor at what any righteous person is forced to conclude is a location for immoral trysts between the couple.  The fact that she, despite being unmarried, shares his last name darkly hints at incest.  Despite his scandalous clothing and obvious fornication, “DD” remains in good standing in the community of his residence.  Where is the public censure that should condemn him?  What are our children to think when they see such outrages condoned?


            A second instance is of “MM,” an individual whose relation to his two “nephews” appears highly questionable.  As in the case of “DD,” the boys reside with his girlfriend, a situation that forces one to question their actual paternity.  To make matters worse, “MM” holds as a virtual slave an individual whom I shall call “P.”  It is clear that “P” is a more advanced individual than the one who regards himself as his master.  Yet, he is mistreated even with the indignity of being led about nude except for a leather collar around his neck.  Words to describe the feeling of horror this engenders fail me. 


            A third example of the same ilk is “PE,” a man who follows an honorable occupation of seaman and sets an example in proper nutrition, but seems inordinately devoted to a baby, “SP,” who is his “spitting image.”  Also in this case, one is forced to consider that “OO,” who provides tender, daily care to the infant, must do so because he is the love child of the two. No other explanation seems plausible.  


            Smacking of possible perversion is a noted man of wealth, “BW,” who though approaching middle age, remains single and, in his home, closely mentors a handsome teenage boy named “DG.”  Adding to questions of propriety, the youth has many times been seen clad in shorts that are reminiscent of “Daisy Dukes” in their shocking bevity.  This man and his ward are often found in what some might call dungeon beneath his stately manor.  Only an older man, “A,” seems aware of the secret the two conspire to hide from the world.  


            In another vein, but equally serious, is “SM,” who despite being a reputed fighter for “truth, justice, and the American way,” is himself not an American, and even worse is an illegal alien.  How can such glorification of a criminal who well deserves to be deported, be proper for our children?  Adding to terror of the situation is the fact that “SM” goes so far as to lead a double life to the deceit of friends and acquaintances alike.  It is fitting that he, as “CK,” is a member of the media who have brought such misery on the public. 


            Shall these types of role models continue to be placed before children from a tender age onward?  Or will a wave of righteous indignation sweep them from our sight?  The choice is yours, dear friend.  May you choose wisely. 

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A threat to our children that must be taken in hand.
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