Diviv Noitanigami's Fantastic Experience

Diviv Noitanigami’s

Fantastic Experience


By Elton Camp

            There is a Japanese gentleman of my acquaintance who lives here in the hills of North Alabama.  He has related to me an account of a fantastic experience that he has had over the last two years.  I cannot attest to the veracity of what he reports, but he presents it with too much sincerity to be rejected out of hand.  I will pass it on to you and you can decide how much credence it should have. 

            Diviv, a man of about forty, lives with his wife Yono and two children in a chalet-style home off of County Road Nine, about ten miles from the small town where I reside.  A long drive winds through the forest for nearly a mile before it reaches his house.  It could, perhaps, be better described as a passable trail with two ruts and vegetation growing in the space between.  Diviv is not antisocial but values his privacy.  Yet, the isolated location may have been a factor in what happened to him. 

            Diviv was unwilling to allow me to tape record his account, but I committed it to writing the very day he related it to me.  In that way I am able to give a verbatim accounting of it, although it is possible that it may deviate in minor details from the actual conversation.  It began in the early winter of 2009.  

            My friend is an amateur photographer and often roamed the woods surrounding his home to capture images of vegetation and wildlife.  It was on one of those mild winter days that he had the first encounter.  As exactly as I can recall, this is what he said.

            “I had just taken a likeness of a magnificent stag when I heard a strange whirring sound unlike anything I had encountered since leaving Japan.  You can imagine my surprise at spying a rounded craft hovering in the air about a hundred meters from me.  It emitted no visible exhaust and I saw no lights.  Knowing that I would be disbelieved, I quickly took a picture of the marvelous apparition and returned my camera to its case of safekeeping.”

            To my gratification, Diviv withdrew a copy of the photograph from his inside coat pocket and presented it to me.  I had expected a grainy, out-of-focus shot that could be almost anything, but was startled at its clarity.  The craft appeared to be circular with a distinct protrusion at the top center.  The background is of mountains and trees.  I positively can identify the location as being near his home, for I have been there on at least three occasions.  Unfortunately, there is no perspective to allow for accurate determination of the craft’s size, but he assures me that it was approximately 200 meters in diameter. 

            “I felt a strangeness of disorientation,” Divi continued.  “Instantly, I became aware of two slim figures, one to my right and the other to my left.  As I struggled vainly to avoid capture, I dropped my camera in its case.  By some means, I know not how, I was transported inside the strange craft and found myself strapped firmly to what appeared to be a stainless steel table.”

            My friend went on to describe an invasive medical examination that he was forced to endure, but out of respect for the sensibilities of readers, I will not go into detail.  Divi then told of being given an escorted tour of the craft.

            “There were many rooms, some of which were open to view, but others with door tightly closed.  Entities similar to my two captors where busily at work at various tasks.  All of them had bulging eyes and heads larger than humans, but otherwise were of the general humanoid form.  In demeanor they were neither hostile nor friendly.”

            Divi did not recall being transported to the forest floor, but next recalls sitting on the cold ground alongside his camera.  He returned, shaken, to his house and told his family nothing of his experience.  The next day he printed several copies of the image of the craft at the kiosk at Wal-Mart.  Out of fear of ridicule, he said nothing to anyone, knowing that, as a foreigner in a rural area, it was unlikely that he would be believed. 

            His account continued as follows.  “Were it not for the photographic evidence, I would  have been inclined to dismiss the episode as a figment of imagination.  But to my chagrin, I was abducted several more times in the time following, the last having been October 12, 2011.”

            Divi believes that whatever purpose the aliens had in abducting him has now been fulfilled and so has given me permission to share his story.  He has asked only that I not reveal his exactly address nor give his telephone number to any who may inquire. 

            Do I believe what he has related actually took place?  That is a hard question to answer.  I readily admit that on the surface it appears unlikely in the extreme that alien beings would have such interest in a person of little note or importance.  Yet, research on the Internet has revealed the testimony of many others who claim similar experiences.  Therefore, I will leave it to the discretion of readers as to whether the fantastic experience of Divi Noitanigami is factual or the product of his vivid imagination. 

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A case of alien abduction?
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