Crisis at the Beaches

Crisis at the Beaches




Elton Camp


See many patches of sandy-white

We’re nearing the beach all right

The closer to it we go,

Starts to look like snow.


See the houses raised on high

So tidal surge will pass them by

Paid all they have to give

On the waterfront to live


Hurricane may come their way

But after that, is a better day

Storm damage won’t last long

Repair, rebuild and its gone


When tourists come for enjoyment

Gives to people sound employment

On them cafes, motels, all depend,

Those visitors who come to spend


For those who may desire,

Fishing boats there to hire.

Captains and crew make a living

By a deep sea fishing trip giving


Some reap the bounty from the Gulf

So inland folks can have enough

Oysters, shrimp and fish

Make a very tasty dish


Quickly the car we park

See the beach before dark

Plan to spend a week or two

Always so much here to do.


On the warm sand to lie

Watch boats passing by

In the surf to wade about

See a fish, give a shout


Bikini girl passing by

Might catch my eye

Pretend that I don’t see

Wife right here with me


Shells of every possible type

Brown, red, yellow and stripe

Whatever you do see

Can be taken free


But this time, seems not right

Very few people are in sight

Nose of the problem does tell

What can be that awful smell?


See a child place in a sack

A ball of something very black

Another with plastic scoop

Picks up more filthy goop.


Swimmers find the water sticky-brown

“Say, “We’re not about to stay around”

Mountains are the place to be

Deliver us from this dirty sea


Back they drive to their motel

Bad news they have to tell

No longer will we here remain

In this place with the oily stain


Cancel the rest of our reservation

We’ve decided on a new destination

Far away from a polluted shore

May never come here any more


This damage will last for years.

That is what the tourist fears.

Enjoyed when last they came

But can it ever be the same?


Into the ocean away from shore

Black oil continues to pour

BP hopes it will do right this time

And find the way to stop the slime.



But should it take a little while

Think of us with a big smile.

We went into the ocean so far

To give you gas for your car


What happened was a mistake

Every precaution we did take

We put safety to the fore

Every time we start to bore


Check it out and then you will find

Profit is the last thing on our mind

We have surely met the test

The way we drill is the best


When the government came to inspect

Every finding we were quick to correct

So it makes us so very curious

Why Obama should be furious


We are tired of all this strife

Want to get on with our life

Quit making such a fuss

Like it’s any fault of us.

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The sand is white no more.