BP, Please Accept Our Apology

BP, Please Accept Our Apology


By Elton Camp


It made one of our fine leaders frown

To see you subjected to a shakedown.

Money for damages to be set aside,

He simply could not approve or abide.


To criticize you is to be deplored

Although safety you have ignored.

None should you bash

For bringing in the cash


There are good reasons why

Eleven workers had to die.

They chose to work a dangerous place

Well knew an explosion they might face


It now is foolish to wail and curse

Cause you didn’t put safety first.

Should be praised for giving jobs

To such a worthless gang of slobs


If they had been more alert,

BP’s image wouldn’t be hurt.

But now your name is black as oil.

From your stock investors recoil.


We do very much fear

BP’s the victim here

So it is so very true

An apology is due


Of complaints we’ve had enough

From those who fish in the Gulf.

It is a greedy, shameless disgrace

To ask that their losses you replace


You have freed them from strife

Gave chance to gain a better life

And there is this more to say

Who needs seafood anyway?


You have done something grand

To despoil beaches of white sand.

Where people came to bake

A risk of skin cancer to take


And there is also this truth to say:

Beachfront motels are ugly anyway.

Maybe now they’ll be torn down

With not so many tourists around.


Those whose jobs are gone should smile.

Now they can find employment worthwhile.

Instead of offering to the nation

A dangerous, hot seaside vacation


BP should now be given praise

For its fine conduct in these days

So, let it be said yet again,

“BP, we are sorry for our sin.”


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BP has been done a grave injustice.
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