A Most Unwelcome Visitor

A Most Unwelcome Visitor


By Elton Camp

When announcements of the family reunion went out

Of one firm stipulation I left not the slightest doubt

While your dog may be the creature you love the best

Do not bring him to our house, I definitely request

I am compelled to take shots on a weekly basis, you see

And part of the problem is to animal hair I have allergy

Even if that weren’t true, your precious dog has fleas

I don’t want him in the house—leave him at home, please

It’s true he wouldn’t intend to break a single thing, but

That won’t help if something’s destroyed by your mutt

And a dog running underfoot might make someone slip

Most of the family are old and don’t need a broken hip

Despite all I said, you brought your dog just the same

“Bring him on inside,” did you think that I’d exclaim?

At least when you were met with an incredulous stare

You had enough sense to leave your filthy dog out there

To your new car you attached him with a long chain

So safely in the driveway the stupid dog would remain

Since to your automobile, the unruly dog you attached

By the end of the day, the paint he had badly scratched

Some reader may claim that for all dogs I have contempt

To defend myself on that false charge I’ll make no attempt

My meaning in this write he’s correct if he does suppose

I say, “Guests have no right on hosts their dogs to impose.”

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I told you not to bring him.
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