William Morris signs Gurbaksh Chahal


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Internet Mogul, Gurbaksh Chahal,

Signs withthe William Morris Talent Agency

Los Angeles, CA: January 14th, 2008: William MorrisTalent Agency has signed Internet entrepreneur, Gurbaksh Chahal (aka"G"), who at just 25-years-old has already sold two companies for anunfathomable $340 million.

Similarly to the great Internet entrepreneurs before him, G'sstory begins with an idea.  Withhis tenacious work ethic, passion, and drive, G is on his way to joining theprestigious level of Bill Gates, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin, as he is provinghimself as a force to be recognized as he ventures into yet anotherconsiderable league.

At the age of 18, G had built and sold his first online business,ClickAgents to ValueClick for $40 Million in stock, becoming an instant teenagesensation and multi-millionaire. G's most recent financial triumph is theselling of his second successful online business, BlueLithium, to Yahoo! for animpressive $300 Million CASH.

Presently, G is in the midst of working on his first book,"The Dream," a fiercely honest account of his rags-to-riches risefrom immigrating to the States. Starting out as a kid with just $25 and a high school drop out, G defiedall odds to become an entrepreneurial success. His inspiring book will bedistributed in 2008.

G is also in the planning stages of business venture number three,in addition to starting a large philanthropic endeavor, which will fittingly benamed

"The Chahal Foundation."

For more details visit http://www.chahal.com

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