Dreams of flawless cadence
I gently massaged her shoulders moving surely up and down the nape of her neck she flinched as my hands moved passionately down to her lower back and as my fingers tickled she moaned a whimpering moan and I gently caress her backside as I worked my way up her back my fingers tenderly perusing the sides of her breast I kissed her bare neck leaving a wet trail as I nibbled on her ears as I plucked her lips with my own I let my tongue teased her open mouth and I gently held her breast .flushed by the now rising fervor I kissed the black lace covering the firmness of her full luscious breast leaving a wet trail as I caressed her now protruding nipples with my moist lips she sighed quietly as the passion continued its arousal of her know pulsating desire as the moonlight glistened though the open window she climbed her nakedness on mine kissing my belly her tongue making wet circles as the juices of her mouth mingled with my now seeping liquor as I tickled her belly button with my eager tongue and worked my way into her silky wet tresses I nibbled on her dripping inner thighs letting the juices of my own mouth blend with the liquid of her now full pudenda I enter the warmth of her wetness as the stimulation intensifies and we became one in flawless cadence and as the passion escapes the boundaries of heavenly fervor her face glows blissfully and as we are engrossed in this moment of absolute nirvana We glow in the wake of the streaming moonlight Earl S. Jackson Oct 2006 Copyright © 2012 Earl S. Jackson, all rights reserved.

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