Who Am I to You?

Who Am I to You?

Who am I to you that I matter so much?
I understand that my presence
does not provide much trust.
I hear you speak of me,
And not in good fashion.
If my presence is that detestable,
Why act like a chameleon?

Who am I to you that you act so differently?
It is kind words that blossom from your lips
When I am there.
Though none pass through on my behave
When I am gone.

I can not say that I am not like you.
We share a trait.
Our colors change in our environment,
Just like a chameleon.

I can be sweet and blissful,
Sorrowful and depressed.
I can spin a web of colorful language,
To others all in jest.
But know this, dear fellow,
Though my words are often harsh,
I am meaning to fix that little flaw
and begin a new start.

So who am I to you
that makes you miss me?
I am like you
I talk like a thief
I must be nobody's friend
but mine.

Who am I to you
to make you act like me too?
I am nothing special,
especially to you.

Maybe it is time we learned
to respect one another,
And not indulge in idle talk
damaging each other,
when we think the other,
does not hear it.

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writing Dorian_Gray
Hello authors! I go by Dorian T. Gray; it's my author name. I'm hoping that it can be a way to keep my legal self somewhat apart from my inner self so when I get to my destination I can live a somewhat normal, mundane-ish life... Well aside from the charities and other stuff that I hope to attend.

My aim is to present my work here in hopes that everyone will give me their feedback (critiques and encouragement) and polish me into a better author. I will strive to do the same. I think that we all have a chance to be great writers but we need each other to grind away the awkward and ugly parts and make our pieces shine.

Thanks for Reading,

D. T. Gray
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